Friday, January 15, 2016

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Banana-Oat Instant Smoothing Mask - Review


"Alpha Hydroxy Acids rapidly exfoliate dull skin cells. - Exfoliating smoothie for radiant skin - Apply to cleansed face. Avoid eye, mouth, nostrils. Leave up to 7 minutes or rinse as soon as skin feels sensitivity. - Slight tingling, mild itching or some temporary skin redness are normal reactions due to a highly-active exfoliant."

I'm all about masks, and that might be obvious due to all of the mask reviews I have done. I particularly find myself wanting to try all of the Freeman masks. It's inexpensive, can be found in my drugstore, and I haven't been disappointed by the masks I have tried so far.

This, like all the other full sized Freeman masks I have reviewed, comes in a squeeze tube. It is basically clear, with a very faint yellowish tint to it sort of. It smells like straight up bananas. I am not a fan of bananas to be honest, so the scent can get to me sometimes, and make me nauseous but not to the point of sickness. Let's just say I would be happier if it had a different smell, so not a fan of that. A little of this goes a long way as you can see in the picture. A lot wants to come out, so I have to be careful not to get too much. So as instructed on the bottle, I cleanse, apply this, leave for about 5- 10 minutes being maximum, then rinse off. It rinses easily with warm water. After it is off, I notice that the area that I put this on is visibly red, compared to the area that this wasn't applied on it. It says it's normal, and it does go away after a while. At first I was super concerned, but I didn't feel irritated or anything on my face, so I applied moisturizer, looked at my face after a little time had passed, and my skin was back to normal, no more redness.

I have to be honest, I didn't notice anything with using this. My skin didn't feel super smooth or anything, like some other Freeman masks do, but it didn't irritate or break me out or do anything bad either. I don't know, I just don't think this does anything for my skin. I also don't really find myself reaching for this, because of that fact. I'm like why use something when it does nothing. Not good, but not bad either. So I'm "cold turkey" towards this mask, Use it, don't use it, doesn't matter so whatever. Hahah I am always honest, and say it like how it is basically, so that's all I have got to say about this product. Would I recommend this? mehh, I wouldn't warn you away from it, but I wouldn't recommend it either so you make your own mind about this product based on what I described, if you haven't already tried this out.

What do you think about this face mask? have you ever tried anything and feel the same way as I do with this mask? Share your thoughts down below, I will for sure read them. 

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  1. Hi Dina hope you have a lovely weekend, i really need to get on the freeman mask train

    1. Haha you definitely should! They have a lot of different masks so I'm sure you can find one suited for your skin type :)

    2. Yea. i have always used the queen helene mint julep mask or honey.


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