Monday, January 18, 2016

Tarte Colored Clay Tinted Brow Gel - Review

"Looking for a subtle brow boost? This easy-to-use tinted brow gel infused with colored clay lets you enhance, define and shape your brows like a pro for a perfectly groomed arch every time!"

I always like to experiment with different brow gels, or in this case, a tinted one. This was the first brow gel product I had used that wasn't clear, and had an actual color to it. 

This Tarte Tinted Brow gel comes in a thin tube, with a tiny brush. I have the shade Rich Brown, and there are five different shades to this product. The formula is not wet but not dry either, so I don't get a wet feeling on my brows, and it's not hard to get the product on since it's not too dry. It's really easy to apply and get a tint on the brows. You have to keep in mind that, this does not work like an eye brow powder, pencil or pomades. This does give a tint of color, but it's very subtle. I say subtle because it's not obvious in a way that someone can point at it and say, yes you filled in your brows. No it's very natural yet it gives enough color that I can be satisfied with just using this one product. I like the tiny brush, because it can fit the thinnest brown and of course, thicker brows will have no problem as well. Also, I feel like the thin brush can pick up the tiniest brow hairs and give them color and also add them to other bunch and make it fuller.

I have different brow products I like to use, so I would place this in the go to, easy fast eyebrow application. That is because I don't have to be too careful with this, in case I am in a hurry, I can't ever mess up my brows with this, because it is pigmented, but doesn't go everywhere or make a mess just by itself. I have used this just by itself, I have also used this after I have filled in my brows with brow powder, then topped it off with this. It all just depends on what you are looking for you brow product to do. I have to state that, this might not be the strongest holding brow gel, if you are interested in this for that reason. It does have a little hold, but not that much. I haven't honestly had any issues with my brow hairs not staying in place when using this brow gel.

Overall, I am really pleased with how this product performs for me and for what I am looking for in a brow gel product. I just have to keep in mind to go a shade darker, when the time to purchasing this again comes. I feel like the shade I have can be a little lights, and I wouldn't mind going a shade darker. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to use tinted brow gels. I wouldn't recommend this to someone who is looking for a strong hold, full on heavy color application in a brow gel, because this is in the more natural, subtle category of brow gels, in my opinion. I have naturally full eyebrows, thank god and knock of wood, haha, so I don't have that much filling to do for my eyebrows, so this works for me perfectly. But, I have to be honest, I wouldn't know how this would be good for someone with really sparse eye brows. It might not give enough definition you might be looking for.

Have you tried this Tarte Tinted Brow Gel? What are your thoughts on it? Also, what is your favourite brow products?

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  1. Seems a great product, I would like to give it a try!
    Have a lovely day,

  2. I have yet to try this product but I would love to soon maybe for my Birthday or Mother's Day!



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