Monday, January 4, 2016

Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Champagne - Review + Swatches

"Cheers to stay-put eye shadows. Our featherweight primer creates a perfect canvas for cream and powder shadows. Wear it to add a warm, sexy, shimmering glow alone or with your favorite shadows. The crease-proof formula intensifies color while keeping your shadow in place for 24+ hours."

The honest reason I have for buying this is because Ingrid Nilsen/missglamorazzi on YouTube talked about this a long time ago, and I was really interested so I got it for myself a long time ago. So by a long time ago, I mean a year ago, and I am sure of that because I just checked my Sephora purchases history and yes, it says a year ago.Back then. I was used to buy something, then forget about it for a little while, then start to really use it. It happened to this product as well. At first, I bought it but forgot all about it a little while, then when I remembered it and started to use it, it became sort of a staple in my makeup routine. First let me get into the actual product, then I'll tell you all about my thoughts of this product.

This eye primer comes in a squeeze tube. At the time when I bought this, I hadn't tried the original formula, so I had no clue on Too Faced eyeshadow primers but I could imagine how it would work. I have this in Champagne, and this was my first time to use an eyeshadow primer like this in an actual shade, rather than the typical clear version, like the same product just in the original shade or UD Primer Potion in original shade as well. This comes out in like a cream sort of texture, it's not liquid so it doesn't pour out, I have to squeeze the bottle to get some out, but it's not hard to get out either. I find that a tiny bit of this goes a long way. Specially since it has a color to it, I can see where I have applied it, so I take a tiny amount and it is enough for my whole eyelid. The color is sort of champagne but it has a little pink undertone to it. They have one called Candlelight, which I tested that with this together in the store, that one is a lot more yellow, and this has a lot of pink to it. So obviously, I bought this because personally I think this shade looks very good on me. I sometimes use this just by itself, since it's like two products in one, it has the staying power because it's a shadow primer, but them it has a shimmery pink color to it, so I don't particularly need to put shadow on top if I don't want to. Some other times, I do use eyeshadow on top of this, it just depends on what I like to do with it. The whole reason I got this in this particular color was to get away with using eyeshadow on days that I couldn't spend a lot of time on my eye look. It still looks like I spend time and made an effort, even though I just used this one product.

The first eye primer I ever purchased was the Urban Decay Primer Potion, which was super new back then and it was getting all the hype and attention of every makeup lover. I find that just using the UDPP doesn't really keep my eyeshadows in place. I don't have super oily lids or anything, in fact it gets a bit dry sometimes, but UDPP didn't do all that much for me really. I find this Too Faced primer work a lot better on me. It doesn't matter if I use the primer by itself or put shadow on top, my eyeshadow stays all day with this stuff and I am so much more satisfied than I was with UDPP.

Overall, I really love this eyeshadow primer from Too Faced. I have to be honest, I don't have that much experience with this brand's makeup. The first thing I purchased by this brand is this eye primer. Then I got the famous Stardust Palette, which came with a mini original shadow primer, a mascara and an eye pigment, which allowed me to experiment more with this brand's products. So far I am happy with everything I have tried from Too Faced Cosmetics. Hopefully it stays that way.

Have you tried any of the Too Faced eyeshadow primers? What are your thoughts on it?

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  1. I have not tried this eye primer but I glad I read your review on it for the future!



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