Saturday, April 9, 2016

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation - Review

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Have you missed me? I sure have missed blogging. It's just my life has become a lot more busy than before and I just don't find time to do this. I try my best and now I am back with a new review for you all.

Today's post is on this powder foundation by Tarte. It comes in a jar sort of packaging and the powder is loose and how it's supposed to be used is to use the brush they recommend with it. I slowly push the brush into that cushion thing in the middle then swirl it in the area around it to get the powder evenly throughout the brush, then use it on my skin. When I got this product, I didn't get the brush because first of all, I have so many brushes, I didn't think I would need it and also, because of my large collection of brushes, I thought I would probably have something similar to it that would work perfectly. Long story short, I used my own brushes and they were fine, they just weren't perfect. So I finally gave up and got the brush that's recommended with this product and I am really happy I did.

The bristles of the brush are pretty short so the brush doesn't move around much and that is really important in my opinion. It also makes it a unique brush because I truly have nothing like it and I have tons of brushes. The brush grabs the powder and keeps it all together without blowing it everywhere. It's also made to use with the powder foundation so it fits the packaging perfectly and that is also another important key with using this powder.

Back to the powder, it's a really finely milled powder. Feels smooth and silky. It has light to medium coverage for me, and I like using this on top of my foundation. I usually go with a light coverage foundation and add this on top. I have a sort of mixed skin type, so it's pretty much dry over all, and a bit shiny in the t-zone. I haven't used this as the powder foundation it claims it to be because that would just enhance my dry patches. This shade I have is a little dark for me so that's another reason why I don't use it as my foundation as well. I use a lighter colour foundation and the darker shade of this sort of balances it out for me. The brush and this powder work really well together. It took me a long time to actually try this out when I bought it. I had it for months when I finally gave it a shot. The packaging is pretty thought it and works really good, but I would still prefer my powders in compact form instead of loose powder. It's just my preference and I feel like the brush gets a better, even amount of product on it when it's in a compact. Loose powders can also get messy if you're not careful.

Now would  I repurchase this particular product? probably not because of the loose powder format and what I said above about it all. Don't get me wrong, it's a really good product and works great, it's just a little too much work for it I guess. I will definitely use this and finish it specially during summer when I get more tan and the colour would match me better. I am happy I got to try it out because I am obsessed with Tarte and would like to try out any products they release. 

Have you tried this Tarte Airbrush Foundation? What are your thoughts on it? Share them below in the comments section.

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