Monday, April 8, 2013

Cover Girl Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 foundation : Review

About a month ago, I  was thinking of trying a new foundation from drugstore since I don't really have any drugstore foundation to be honest. Also I thought it is cheaper and when I run out of it, I just can run to the drugstore and pick it up instead of going all the way to Sephora since it is not so near me, unfortunately.

So one day, I was on YouTube and was watching new videos from the people I am subscribed to, and I came across this video of Itsjudytime that was on the Cover Girl's new foundation. As always, I trust Judy and love her videos so I was excited to try out this foundation!!

Itsjudytime Cover Girl Foundation Review

I kind of had a hard time finding my shade, because the drugstores that I visited had mostly the light shades and I am a medium to golden colour so I was looking around for a little while. So when I finally found my actual shade, only the testers was left so I finally decided to go to my very trusted "drugstore website", and order it there.

 1 pump of the foundation
Barely blended the foundation
I got the shade 945 Warm Beige and what I noticed was that the number of the foundation had a 9 in the beginning in Canada and in US instead of the 9, it was 8, so I thought that was pretty interesting!

When I was testing out this foundation in the store to match it to my skin tone, I tried to go a shade lighter that my skin tone, and that was because in the review, Judy stated that there is a possibility for the foundation to oxidize and get a shade or two darker than the actual foundation colour. So I picked this one.

  • Lasting power of a primer
  • Coverage of a concealer
  • Blendability of a foundation
  • Shine-free

When I was applying it to my face, I skipped my primer to test how this foundation felt and looked on my skin and surprisingly, it was very smooth and did actually feel like a primer.

As for the coverage, the foundation itself was not liquid-y what so ever but it wasn't super thick either. I would say the coverage is medium to full and it is buildable but I would warn you that since it has a SPF 20, it can make the face look white in flash photography.

The lasting power was pretty good. The foundation did last throughout the day but I wouldn't say it was the best of the best in how the lasting goes. For a drugstore foundation, it was pretty good.

It did not make my face shiny so it was true about it being shine-free but it could also be because I tried this when it was pretty cold outside, and also my face doesn't get too shiny during the day. BUT, this might be different in the warmer months. I would keep that in mind as well.

Formula and Finish 
This foundation is in the thicker side. It is not runny but it isn't the thickest either. I would say it is a mix between the two.

The finish of this on my skin was very smooth, and after it was set, it didn't feel like a liquid foundation anymore. It felt more like a powder.

One thing that I wasn't very happy about was the fact that it kind of made my face look sort of dry. I have a normal/combination T-zone and my cheeks and down my chin are more normal to dry. This foundation made my cheeks and around my mouth look a little dry. Also, the undertone of this foundation is more like a neutral to pink so it didn't really match me that well since I have yellow/golden undertones. Also, I realized that this line of foundation is more for neutral to pink undertones so when trying this out, I would keep that in mind, because I didn't realize this! ha ha

I like the packaging. I love how it comes with a pump and that is a huge plus because there are not a lot of drugstore foundations with an actual pump so that was pretty impressive.

This bottle contains 1 fluid oz which is a normal amount for a foundation.

Also the pump has a lock/unlock twist, so if you are planning to carry this in your makeup bag, I would say it is pretty safe when it is locked.

The price of this foundation runs from 9-13$, and this price is according to the drugstores I went to.

I bought this foundation for 9$ from when it had a sale. It is originally 12.49$ in that site.

  • Good coverage
  • SPF 20
  • Feels smooth 
  • Pump with lock/unlock twist
  • Pink undertone in almost all of the colours
  • Made my skin look dry
  • Not a  lot of different shades specially for darker skin colours, at least not in my drugstores
  • Oxidises, the colours gets a shade or two darker that the original colour

Would I repurchase?
No, I wish it had worked for me but the pink undertone and the fact that made my face look dry, I don't really see myself buying this. In fact, I wont be even using this so, its a no!


Overall, I was a little disappointed with this foundation. I had high hopes for it since I saw that review. I have never tried any of Cover Girl foundations and this was my first experience and I wasn't really pleased. Looks like I have to stick to my higher department foundations for now until I find a new drugstore foundation that interests me!

Have you tried this foundation? What are your thoughts on it?
Love, Dina
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