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Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette - Review & Swatches

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I finally gave into the temptation, and purchased my first Naked Palette by Urban Decay Cosmetics. I know this isn't new or anything, but it was to me. For a long time, I was debating on which one to purchase and I finally bought this one, because the shade range was something I didn't particularly have in my collection, and also, I feel like rosy, pink, purple eyeshadows look good on me or my skin tone and eye color. I also liked how there wasn't much dark eyeshadows in this, except a few, so I could see myself get a lot of use out of this, specially for day time makeup.

The packaging is a metal tin, with gorgeous rose gold design. Comes with a sample card, with four different samples of their eyeshadow primers. Inside the palette, it includes a double sided eye brush. The eyeshadows are smooth and super pigmented. A little goes a long way, so I don't really find the need to keep reapplying for it to show up. The eyeshadows last long, and at the end of the day, it had barely faded on me. I absolutely love the consistency, the shade and staying power of the eyeshadows. The palette itself is compact and you do get 12 eyeshadows. Unfortunately, out of the 12 eyeshadows in here, only 3 are matte finishes. So not many matte options to work with, but I am a shimmer lover for eyeshadows, so I wont complain that much. But yes, it would be nice if there was maybe two more matte shades, but whatever. 

My biggest and most important issue with this palette was that, after not even a week of having this, the eyeshadow pans fell out. I opened it and two of the shadows fell on the floor. I was horrified... Luckily, it didn't shatter or anything, THANK GOD. So I put if back inside where it fell out, thought about what to do, found some glue, tried and put it back together. The next day, I tipped the palette upside down to see if they were dry, some other shades fell out, so I basically glues them all. A week passed and I sort of forgot about it to be honest. Then one day opened it and yes, they fell out again. At that point I had had it with this palette. I was SO disappointed and just sad. So after sulking for a while, I decided that this packaging sucks. I also thought to myself, I shouldn't even be fixing a $50 + eyeshadow palette. It shouldn't break apart in the first place. So I immediately went to Sephora, where I initially purchased it, and returned it. The girl at the cashier looked at me funny when I said I wanted to return this. I know this line of palettes are very loved but the packaging is just a big fat NO, even though I have no issues with the actual eyeshadows. I told her the eyeshadow pans fell out. She opened it and saw for herself. She was shocked as well, so were a couple other cashiers around who happened to be looking. So anyways, I returned it, got my money back and end of story. A day or two after I had returned this, I realized and wished I had took a photo of the situation, where the pans had fell out, so I could include it in this post. I really wish I had. Unfortunately, at the time I wasn't even thinking about doing a post on what happened, so that's a bummer. I did initially think about just exchanging it for another one, that maybe it was just mine that had that issue, but then I just got so turned off by this whole situation that I didn't even want to deal with it a second time. 

Overall, I saw the huge hype over the Naked Palettes over the years. First the Naked Palette original, then the second, third, smoky, lets not forget the basic one and two. Who knows what will be next, but I will probably stay away. I don't know you guys, after I returned this, I thought about purchasing the Gwen Stefani Palette from Urban Decay, but now I have the fear of the eyeshadow pans falling out with this brand. It might be stupid of me, but I have had way less expensive palettes or even ones from the drugstore that didn't do this, so I guess I'm just going to be more cautious with palettes from UD. Sorry if this review wasn't what you expected, but that was my experience.

Have you tried any of the Naked Palettes from UD? What are your thoughts on it? Also let me know if you had the same experience as I did with any palettes you have tried.

Post your comments down below, I will be more than happy to read them and reply.
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  1. sorry about your exoerience dina i have been wanting to try the naked 2 palette for the longest time. very honest review

    1. Yeah, it was a bummer. I hope when you do get to try out the Naked 2 Palette, it turns out great for you!

    2. yea it is, yea i hope so too


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