Monday, December 7, 2015

Mario Badescu Cucumber Cleansing Lotion - Review

"T-Zone Shine Control. Your skin will be refreshed and deep cleansed with our 4% alcohol and soothing Cucumber Extract astringent. Removes pore clogging residue and disinfects skin’s surface for thoroughly clean skin to prevent future acne problems."

Same as the cleanser I reviewed a few days ago, I got a sample of this with an order I had placed from Mario Badescu. Used the sample and ordered a full size. I have to be honest, the first time I tried it, I really thought it was a lotion. Cucumber lotion, but then I poured it on my hand to apply, and liquid came out. I know, I didn't read the instructions. After reading the back of it and the website and how to use and all, I realized this is just like any other toner basically. The name has lotion is in, but it's not really a lotion. As you might be able to tell, in the picture, there was actual cucumber pieces in the bottle which I thought was super cool and it has a fresh cucumber smell to it! It's instructed to use after face is cleansed, pour it onto a round cotton pad and swipe the face. I find that I actually didn't like using it that way. I sort of just poured a little onto my palm and applied it to my face, sort of as you would a moisturizer. I feel like round cotton pads can soak up too much product and waste it, it also irritates my skin. So I liked using it my way much better and also the product would definitely last a lot longer. 

I had a love hate relationship with this product. It would work for me for a month, then it wouldn't for a week or two and it kept repeating. I liked the refreshing, cooling sensation it gave to my skin. I also felt like my moisturizer went on a lot smoother and would absorb better. Those times it wouldn't work it made my skin a little irritated, tight and dry. I couldn't figure out if it was my skin reacting to it differently or if the product was doing to my skin, whatever it was, I would love it then hate it and it would go on and on as that. It's like my skin would approve of it at times, and other times, it would reject it strongly. As I mentioned on my last post about the cleanser, this is the same price as that and I feel like it is overpriced and plus the shipping cost, it's just too expensive. 

Overall, I sort of liked this sort of and then didn't so because of that I wouldn't repurchase really. Also the fact that the price and shipping cost makes it expensive, I would rather try something else I can actually buy at a store, than have to order it online every few months, when I run out of it. Also, I would like to find something that agrees to my skin all the time.

Do you use toner? What is your favorite? Share them with me in the comments section down bellow.

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  1. I enjoyed your review of this product and I use Witch Hazel toner for my dry skin but I have acne/blackheads!


    1. Thanks Ursula for sharing. I will definitely check out your blog!

  2. I use dickinsons witch hazel its a very good toner, i love it. The best one i have tried so far and it doesn't burn my skin

    1. Thanks for sharing Kerona! I always appreciate you comments. I will keep your suggestion in mind next time I am shopping for a new toner.

    2. Your most welcome Dina. No prob :)


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