Monday, August 12, 2013

NOTD : JulieG "Sushi For Two"

From the "JulieG Nail Color 2013" Collection

This summer I have really been into the whole bright colourful nails. It has been fun to experiment with brighter nail polishes and go all out and have fun with it. Let me tell you that is has been very fun, very very fun.

Flash Photography
Flash Photography
Natural-Light Photography
Natural-Light Photography

Sushi for two is a coral/Orange/mandarin creme colour nail polish. Such a beautiful shade for spring and summer. I call it the perfect warm weather nail polish!

It applies smooth and nicely but I saw some streakiness which went away with the second coat. Applying top coat can definitely make this way shinier on the nails than it is by itself.

You can also glam it up and add some glitter on top. I like to add the silver glitter on my ring finger for a pop of fanciness! haha

I ordered this polish from the Jesse's Girl Cosmetics with several other polishes from the JulieG line. 

This retails for about $3.99 US dollars I believe.

Overall, I love this colour. It is so bright and happy on the nails! haha does that even make sense? What I am trying to say is that it makes me happy when I see my nails.

Have you tried any of the JulieG nail polishes? What are your thoughts on it?

Love, Dina


  1. Hey Dina,

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Please take a look at my blog post @ for further details :-)

    Take care


    1. hey Laura,

      Thank you for nominating me. I will for sure check out your blog post about it.

  2. cute nail polish color! i actually love orange :)


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