Monday, April 8, 2013

Cover Girl Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 foundation : Review

About a month ago, I  was thinking of trying a new foundation from drugstore since I don't really have any drugstore foundation to be honest. Also I thought it is cheaper and when I run out of it, I just can run to the drugstore and pick it up instead of going all the way to Sephora since it is not so near me, unfortunately.

So one day, I was on YouTube and was watching new videos from the people I am subscribed to, and I came across this video of Itsjudytime that was on the Cover Girl's new foundation. As always, I trust Judy and love her videos so I was excited to try out this foundation!!

Itsjudytime Cover Girl Foundation Review

I kind of had a hard time finding my shade, because the drugstores that I visited had mostly the light shades and I am a medium to golden colour so I was looking around for a little while. So when I finally found my actual shade, only the testers was left so I finally decided to go to my very trusted "drugstore website", and order it there.

 1 pump of the foundation
Barely blended the foundation
I got the shade 945 Warm Beige and what I noticed was that the number of the foundation had a 9 in the beginning in Canada and in US instead of the 9, it was 8, so I thought that was pretty interesting!

When I was testing out this foundation in the store to match it to my skin tone, I tried to go a shade lighter that my skin tone, and that was because in the review, Judy stated that there is a possibility for the foundation to oxidize and get a shade or two darker than the actual foundation colour. So I picked this one.

  • Lasting power of a primer
  • Coverage of a concealer
  • Blendability of a foundation
  • Shine-free

When I was applying it to my face, I skipped my primer to test how this foundation felt and looked on my skin and surprisingly, it was very smooth and did actually feel like a primer.

As for the coverage, the foundation itself was not liquid-y what so ever but it wasn't super thick either. I would say the coverage is medium to full and it is buildable but I would warn you that since it has a SPF 20, it can make the face look white in flash photography.

The lasting power was pretty good. The foundation did last throughout the day but I wouldn't say it was the best of the best in how the lasting goes. For a drugstore foundation, it was pretty good.

It did not make my face shiny so it was true about it being shine-free but it could also be because I tried this when it was pretty cold outside, and also my face doesn't get too shiny during the day. BUT, this might be different in the warmer months. I would keep that in mind as well.

Formula and Finish 
This foundation is in the thicker side. It is not runny but it isn't the thickest either. I would say it is a mix between the two.

The finish of this on my skin was very smooth, and after it was set, it didn't feel like a liquid foundation anymore. It felt more like a powder.

One thing that I wasn't very happy about was the fact that it kind of made my face look sort of dry. I have a normal/combination T-zone and my cheeks and down my chin are more normal to dry. This foundation made my cheeks and around my mouth look a little dry. Also, the undertone of this foundation is more like a neutral to pink so it didn't really match me that well since I have yellow/golden undertones. Also, I realized that this line of foundation is more for neutral to pink undertones so when trying this out, I would keep that in mind, because I didn't realize this! ha ha

I like the packaging. I love how it comes with a pump and that is a huge plus because there are not a lot of drugstore foundations with an actual pump so that was pretty impressive.

This bottle contains 1 fluid oz which is a normal amount for a foundation.

Also the pump has a lock/unlock twist, so if you are planning to carry this in your makeup bag, I would say it is pretty safe when it is locked.

The price of this foundation runs from 9-13$, and this price is according to the drugstores I went to.

I bought this foundation for 9$ from when it had a sale. It is originally 12.49$ in that site.

  • Good coverage
  • SPF 20
  • Feels smooth 
  • Pump with lock/unlock twist
  • Pink undertone in almost all of the colours
  • Made my skin look dry
  • Not a  lot of different shades specially for darker skin colours, at least not in my drugstores
  • Oxidises, the colours gets a shade or two darker that the original colour

Would I repurchase?
No, I wish it had worked for me but the pink undertone and the fact that made my face look dry, I don't really see myself buying this. In fact, I wont be even using this so, its a no!


Overall, I was a little disappointed with this foundation. I had high hopes for it since I saw that review. I have never tried any of Cover Girl foundations and this was my first experience and I wasn't really pleased. Looks like I have to stick to my higher department foundations for now until I find a new drugstore foundation that interests me!

Have you tried this foundation? What are your thoughts on it?
Love, Dina


  1. Yeah, I haven't tried this foundation because CoverGirl reallyonly offers shades for brown skintones in the Queen Collection line.I think that the only foundations from CoverGirl thatare goodare the powders. As far as liquid foundations go,I count on Revlon, NYX, L'oreal and Maybelline because they're the best from drugstore.

  2. I agree with you totally! I tend to stay away from covergirl foundations for that reason! It's hard to find foundation! Undertones can really change the look of your skin and people don't realize that!

    Followed your blog it's awesome!

    Check us out and if you like what you see follow back!! <3

    1. Thank you for your positive comment! I will definitely check out your blog.

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