Friday, January 8, 2016

Tarte Maracuja Bronzing Serum - Review

"An innovative, gradual bronzing elixir powered by the miracle of maracuja"

Even though it's still winter which means cold wind, snow, and practically no sun, I still dream about spring and summer weather and everything that comes with it. that's not the whole reason I got this product though. I was getting ready to place an order on Tarte, and the main thing I wanted to get was their Maracuja oil, when I saw this and the description is practically the same just this has self-tanning benefits to it. So you can guess what happened. I decided to order this instead. Long story short, I didn't get to truly put this product to the test during summer, because let's get real, even though I have SPF on me, I still get a little darker during summer. So there wasn't any need for this. Now that it's winter, I got to truly try this out and put it to test and see the results and form an opinion on it for myself, and of course I'm going to share it with you all as well.

This Bronzing Serum comes in a packaging very similar to their Maracuja Oil, but different outer appearance. It's a glass bottle that comes with a dropper which I love droppers, haha they're just so fun to me. I don't know, maybe you think I'm weird but yeah, I love droppers. The serum is a golden yellow color, but there's no actual shimmer or tanning color to it if you know what I mean. If you have seen self-tanning creams, they usually are like a dark brown color, but this is like a clear, golden yellow toned, serum/ oil but it's not greasy or oily either. It says it has a lot of floral tones mixed so it's supposed to smell floral, but to me it smells like a self-tanner or like the gradual tan moisturizer. So as I said, the consistency is not oily or greasy but it is moisturizing and hydrating on the skin. I have used this alone, and as well as mixed it with my moisturizer. Both methods have worked really well. I just find that when using it by itself, I have to wash my hands afterwards, because my fingers get a little stained, more like between my fingers. Mixing it with my moisturizer, I don't have to to that. The scent is pretty strong, and I can smell it on my skin a little after but it's not unpleasant or overwhelming whatsoever, so I have no issues with that, but I can imagine it might bother some people who are more sensitive to smells. I notice that by using this product regularly, after a week or two, I get a glowy tan, that during winter is more noticeable, since there's not much sun to get a tan from compared to using this during sprig/summer. I also like to use this only for my face. Since my face is always a shade or two lighter that the rest of my body, this sort of balances out my face color in a way. The color difference is not that huge or obvious, because I don't self tan or anything, but It's nice to get a glowy tan on my face to feel more healthy and alive, specially during winter.

I am so happy with my choice to have exchanged my order from the Maracuja Oil to this Bronzing Serum. Don't get me wrong, the oil is awesome as well, but if I hadn't done that, I wouldn't have gotten to try this out and experience it for myself. This way I get the benefit of the Maracuja but with gradual self-tanning benefits. For reference, my skin tone is light-medium to medium during winter usually, and medium to medium-tan during summer and this has worked really well for me. I imagine anyone lighter than me can get the same awesome results. A drop or two of this serum is enough to mix with my moisturizer to get the results I get, so even though because of the price this is counted as a luxury skin care item, I feel like it is worth it. A little goes a long way so this big bottle will last for a long time.

Have you tried this Bronzing Serum by Tarte Cosmetics? What are your thoughts on it?

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  1. sounds great:)

  2. I enjoyed your review of this Tarte product..I got a sample pack with this item so I am going to try it out on my skin tone! Happy New Year to you!



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