Friday, August 30, 2013

Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System - Review

So I am finally reviewing one of my favourite skin care gadgets. I have had this for about 3 months now and it is time to do an honest review for it.

This Olay cleansing system comes with the actual handle thingy that has the button and all that good stuff. One brush head and 2 AA batteries.

It also comes with a cleanser but to be totally honest, I did not even try the cleanser since my face breaks out so easily. I  just didn't want to use a new product and go through all of the hassle.

The bottom of the actual gadget pops up and you can place the two batteries in. At first when I tried I could not open it. I thought I was doing something wrong but it seemed right. So the second or maybe it was the third try, I opened it finally. Yay!!

There are two buttons on the handle. the top one is to turn on/off the system. The bottom button is to change the speed which has two speed settings which I believe is normal and high.

The actual rotating system is easy to hold and it is not heavy at all. The brush head gets attached easily and you can also remove it without any trouble. 

While using this, the brush head spins in a circular shape which I think is awesome for massaging the face and neck. I really like the feeling of it doing its thing on my face. So what I do is just just simply move it around on my face and apply a light pressure. So easy!

I really like the bristles of the brush head. It is soft but not too soft. It does the job without irritating my skin. So basically it is gentle on the face while doing its job.

The size of the brush is perfect in my opinion. not too large to be hard to use it around the nose and stuff but not too small to take so long to do the whole face and neck.

At first I actually wanted to buy the Clarisonic facial system and I was actually saving my money for it since that thing is EXPENSIVE! I did a lot of research and people who had it seemed to love it. Long story short, one day I was browsing through one of my favourite online shops and I stumbled upon this Olay facial system. As usual I did some research and I immediately ordered it.

Ever since I received this little gadget, I have been using it and really loving it. I have absolutely nothing against it or anything bad to say about it. It does say "water resistant for use in the shower" in the back of the box, but I don't really use this in the shower so I have no idea how it works in the shower and all that.

This retails for about $30 (Canadian Dollar) but it still depends on where you get it from. I was lucky because when I ordered it it was on sale for $16 (Canadian dollar) which was even more awesome.

So I am really happy with this facial system and I don't regret buying it at all. I am also very happy to have found a cheaper alternative to Clarisonic facial system.

What is your favourite skin care gadget?

Love, Dina

Monday, August 12, 2013

NOTD : JulieG "Sushi For Two"

From the "JulieG Nail Color 2013" Collection

This summer I have really been into the whole bright colourful nails. It has been fun to experiment with brighter nail polishes and go all out and have fun with it. Let me tell you that is has been very fun, very very fun.

Flash Photography
Flash Photography
Natural-Light Photography
Natural-Light Photography

Sushi for two is a coral/Orange/mandarin creme colour nail polish. Such a beautiful shade for spring and summer. I call it the perfect warm weather nail polish!

It applies smooth and nicely but I saw some streakiness which went away with the second coat. Applying top coat can definitely make this way shinier on the nails than it is by itself.

You can also glam it up and add some glitter on top. I like to add the silver glitter on my ring finger for a pop of fanciness! haha

I ordered this polish from the Jesse's Girl Cosmetics with several other polishes from the JulieG line. 

This retails for about $3.99 US dollars I believe.

Overall, I love this colour. It is so bright and happy on the nails! haha does that even make sense? What I am trying to say is that it makes me happy when I see my nails.

Have you tried any of the JulieG nail polishes? What are your thoughts on it?

Love, Dina

Friday, August 9, 2013

Tarte vs. Rimmel - Eyeliner Review & Comparison

So this summer, I really was trying to use less makeup on my face and be as natural looking as possible. Some days I would even go without any makeup, but the days that I wanted to look more put together, I would go for a natural, awake, fresh look. So I got into the whole white, nude eyeliner in the water line idea

I did some research here and there to see what other people like to use and the ones I found were mainly from the higher end selection. But one day I was at target and I stumbled upon the Rimmel eyeliners and I actually found a nude colour at the drugstore!!

I was super happy because honestly all I could find from the drugstore was white eyeliner and I didn't want it to be super noticeable.

Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeliner in Nude is very creamy and goes on very smoothly on my waterline. One thing I realized with this liner was that I had to put mascara on my bottom lashes, otherwise the root of my lashes would look white because this eyeliner moved on me. It does say waterproof on the packaging so I am holding it against the product because this is not waterproof to me. well we should say tear proof since it goes on the waterline! haha

This eyeliner is a pencil so you have to sharpen it which I don't like that about this since the pencil is so creamy and it gets stuck in my sharpener and it actually kept breaking the actual liner part for me. It was such a pain. Maybe I had a bad one, who knows!

Tarte Inner rim brightener is just as well creamy and goes on as smoothly. This actually does not claim to be waterproof on the packaging and it did not move when I applied to my waterline! It is a retractable pencil which I really like. Also, I realized that I did not have to put mascara on my bottom lashes which I was very happy about since I don't like mascara on my bottom lashes personally.

Top : Rimmel Scandaleyes
Bottom : Tarte Inner rim brightener
Flash Photography

As you might be able to notice, the Rimmel liner swatch has a more neutral undertone to it but as the Tarte swatch is more on the pinky/white side. It really did show up on my hand when I looked at it. I tried to capture it in a picture. I hope you guys can notice it too.

It does not really make a difference to me but I just thought to mention it.

Top : Rimmel Scandaleyes
Bottom : Tarte Inner rim brightener
Natural-light Photography

Rimmel : 
- Creamy
- Cheap (ranges between $3 - $6 depends on the drugstore)

- Need to be sharpened  (a pencil)

Tarte :
- Creamy
- Retractable (no sharpening)

- expensive ($23 sephora)

Overall, I really like both of these eyeliners but if I had to choose one I would actually go for the Tarte one since it gave me less hard time to work with.

Have you used any of these two? What are your thoughts on it?

Love, Dina

Friday, August 2, 2013

July ❤

The month of July is very special to me because it is my birthday month!! yay woot woot and all that fun stuff.

Happy Birthday to ME!! 
and also the birthday month of my beautiful mother  ❤ 

Such yummy looking cakes! Oh my I am starting to drool now haha

Beautiful flowers are from my parents 

 Birthday dinner with my best friend. It was such an amazing and fun day!

Now on to the pictures I took while I did my morning walk.


I hope you guys had a good month of July. I had so much fun and I am so thankful for it.

Love, Dina

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