Monday, November 30, 2015

Sigma Beauty Eyeshadow Base in Persuade - Review

I've been meaning to buy the Painterly Paint Pot or Soft Ochre from MAC, and the store I go to is always sold out or out of stock or just something, and I never thought about ordering it, so when I stumbled upon this Persuade shade from the Sigma Eyeshadow Bases, I added it to my cart to give it a try. This shade looks pretty similar to Painterly by what I have in mind, but I don't have the actual product to compare it to.

The packaging is pretty bulky if you ask me, compared to the size of the actual product your getting, I'm sure they could make it smaller, but whatever. The product itself is creamy but not too creamy in a way to slide off. It goes on the eyelids pretty easily and it covers any discoloration or veins I might have and it evens out my eyelids. The shade is a neutral, skin like shade so it looks very similar to my eyelid but in a pink tone, my skin is more yellow than pink. It doesn't feel sticky on the lids and eyeshadow goes on easily and it also doesn't make it go on patchy. One thing I learned with this product is less is more and it really is. A little goes a long way and once I used a bit too much and it got thick and sort of gross, so I recommend using a little at a time instead of just going in a lot at the beginning. I know I said the packaging is bulky, but it's pretty slick and very easy to clean if you forget about the size of it. My finger and any eye brush fit in it easily. There was a white plastic lid cover of sorts that came with it that protects the product to not get on the lid or keeps the air out and then the lid screws on, I kept that on it before closing the lid, and I am pretty sure that's what is making this not to dry out on me. Or maybe it's the product itself. Not sure what is making that happen, but I am happy to say that I have had this for a year I believe and it hasn't gone bad, works just like I first got it and it hasn't dried out. I use it whenever I do any sort of eyeshadow for my makeup, I still use an eyeshadow primer before this, because I find that when I double up on primer before any eyeshadow, it stays intact until I remove it at night.

I know pretty much every product I review, I say I like and that is honest truth. I research a lot about products before purchase, so I do a lot of positive reviews. This product is another one of those. I like it I recommend it. I might still give one of MAC paint pots a try after I have finished with this. All I am trying to say is that, I say it's good not because of the sake of just saying it, but because it actually is good and I enjoy using it and I am someone that if I don't like something, first I try to return it, if that's out of the option, I try to make it work for me somehow, and if that isn't working, I see if anyone around me might be interested in using it. It rarely happens that I get stuck with something I don't like at all. So there you have it folks. I hope you understand where I am coming from. I appreciate you sticking with me throughout this post and reading until the end. You are awesome. A big hug from me to you.

Have you tried any of the Sigma Eyeshadow Bases? What are your thoughts on it?

Post your comments down below, I will be more than happy to read them and reply.
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  1. Always have great posts Dina. Have a great evening

  2. Oh I m in love with the mac painterly pot... cant even think of starting my eyemakeup without it.I also use Nyx eyebase n they are also a good bet.this is the first time i heard about sigma base.Would love to try it for once.It would be great if you mention the price .

    1. the price is around $13 I believe. I have to give the ones you mentioned a try!


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