Friday, November 6, 2015

L'Oreal Visible Lift Blur Foundation - Review

As I have mentioned before in my blog, I usually have sort of a hard time with foundations. I can't seem to find one I love... There's always some sort of issue with it that I can't ignore. The biggest issue for me is getting the right shade. I swear, a foundation can be the yellowest tone and it'll still look pink on me somehow haha. I've been doing a lot of searching and watching reviews and I've been actually trying out several different drugstore foundations. My thing with foundation is that, I don't want to spend a lot of money on it if the drugstore can do the job. So What I did first was trying out different drugstore foundations that would suit of skin tone and type. I had in my mind that if none of them worked, I would go to higher end foundations. Funny thing is that, before this decision, I didn't really have any foundations. I think I had one high end which was okay so I just used that. So I didn't really know any of the drugstore foundations and hadn't used any believe it or not.

Long story short (not really),  my skin type is very mixed. I have normal to combination in summer, dry to normal in winter. So picking out foundations would be sort of tricky, but I think I've got it down. I mostly look for foundations suitable for dry to normal skin and powder my t-zone if I have to. I said all that to come to the point of this post, which is why I picked this L'Oreal Visible Lift Blur Foundation. This is one of the foundations I picked from the drugstore and since it's from the Visible Lift line which is targeted for more mature skin, which mature skin is usually dry skin type (it's what I've heard and read since I'm not at that age yet), I thought this would maybe work for me.

This foundation comes in a squeeze tube. It has a creamy consistency and it feels like a mix of mouse and liquid. It doesn't have a smell, and it goes on the face very smoothly. It feels very light weight, to the point that it doesn't feel like I have anything on. The coverage is light to medium I would say, because it's buildable. This evens out my skin tone and my skin looks very smooth and "blurred" as the name of the foundation suggests. I'm also happy to say, THAT I FOUND MY PERFECT SHADE YOU GUYS!!!! As it shows in the picture, I picked up two shades, which one is slightly darker than the other. I could use the darker and be okay with it, but 206 Natural beige is the exact color of my skin. I'm so happy to have found one that the color looks like it just melts into my skin and matches my neck perfectly. The finish of this foundation is very natural, a hint of sheen which can be covered with a light layer of powder easily if I wanted. In summer, this can get a little shiny with the hot weather, so that makes the foundation not last as long. I tried this out in summer and wanted to test how it would work in a colder weather, so I've been using this recently, since it's fall and weather is cooler and I like it so much more for colder weather. I think this would be my perfect winter foundation. Overall, I had a pretty pleasant experience with this foundation and will keep using it. Also, I will make sure to do different blog posts about the other foundations I'm trying out and give you my opinion. I know I might be late to the game to a lot of the drugstore foundations, but hey, they're new to me so I hope you will read and enjoy just a much as a brand new product. 

Thanks for sticking with me through this ramble-y long post. I hope I didn't bore you to sleep. Muah

What are your favourite drugstore foundations? share your comments down below.

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