Wednesday, November 25, 2015

L'Oreal Lumi Powder Glow Illuminators - Review + Swatches

Left: Rose , Right: Golden - Swatches: All Colors mixed together
Left: Rose, Right: Golden - Swatches: Separately +  Clockwise from biggest section
I love highlighters, but I'm not one to be all that daring and use it all the time on an everyday basis. I have had my sights on the Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop highlighter from Becca Cosmetics, but it's expensive and I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend that much on just a highlighter. Don't get me wrong, it's gorgeous and I know what I'm talking about since I have seen it in person and I fell in love, but I sort of wasn't sure. I know some of you are going to say I'm crazy for not getting it, but as I said, I don't use highlighters all that much, and I couldn't bring my self to splurge. I have it in my Christmas wish list though (hint hint haha). Saying all this to say, when I saw these L'Oreal highlighters at my drugstore, with a coupon of buy any L'Oreal product, get the second free, which to be honest this sort of deal never happens usually, I snatched two shades that looked like it would work well for me.

The packaging is rose gold-ish color, plastic packaging, it opens up and the powder is right there, at the bottom of the powder, if sort of flips and there's a mirror and a tiny brush, which surprisingly is very soft but I honestly haven't used it to apply this, so no comment there. I have to say, the rose color on the packaging is like a sticker sort of, because when I peeled off the seal, as you might be able to tell in the first picture, it tear the packaging which was very disappointing to be honest. It doesn't look as nice anymore and that sort of bothers me. That's my very first impression I had when I opened this. Moving on.. Rose is a soft white shimmer with a very little hint of pink/rose to it and cool tone.  Golden is a soft gold with fine tiny gold glitters. It's on the warm side but not too warm either. very middle ground cool gold in a way. The powders both feel soft and smooth and decently pigmented, which is good for a highlighter, because it can be applied very softly or you can make it more intense by applying more, obviously. But I like the fact that the first application can be very subtle. In the pictures, the swatched are just one circle of the product swatched. You know how you circle a powder to get a feel for it or see the color, I did one full circle and then I applied it to my hand to show the color. so what you see in the swatch can be more intense if you want it to be. (just informing you of how I did the swatch photos). Golden looks more natural (if you can use the word natural for highlighter) on my medium skin tone, than Rose, but if I use a light hand and not go overboard with it, Rose can look quite beautiful as well. These last a long time on me, and I haven't had any issues with these going on patchy or have a lot of powder kick up when I put my brush in them. I like the fact that I can control the amount of product I apply since the first application can be very subtle depending on how much product you get on your brush, and build it up if desired.

Overall, I actually quite like these two. They look beautiful and work very nicely and I was very glad to be able to add these to my makeup collection. I think they work very good for what they are and as a drugstore product I was very surprised. I'm not saying these are anything close to higher end highlighters, but as a less expensive product, these are pretty good and look beautiful as well. I haven't had any issues with these two so far and I'm very glad and would recommend you guys to give it a try if you happen to see them in your drugstore, or like me are looking for a less expensive highlighter option.

Have you tried these L'Oreal highlighters? What are your thoughts on it? Also, tell me what your favourite highlighters are as well.

Post your comments down below, I will be more than happy to read them and reply.
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