Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tarte Showstopper Clay Palette - Review & Swatches

Happy December and let me tell you that I just can't get enough of Tarte! Don't even try to get me away from Tarte products or I would go insane! I'm just saying.. my obsession is that serious!! Makeup in general makes me happy but Tarte makeup is in another world of happiness for me. Oh and while I am currently writing this blog post, I am waiting for another of my Tarte orders to get shipped, so you know how truly of a Tarte fan I am. haha anyways moving on.

I bought this Tarte Showstopper Palette back in April, so I know that's a long time, but I honestly didn't actually use it until a few months ago. I just kept admiring it and daydreaming about it, then one day I was like hey you have the palette in your hands, stop daydreaming and start using and enjoy this palette like it deserves. So I got into using it, and absolutely fell in love. It might not look that used in the picture, and that's because I take great care of my makeup, specially if it is higher end, and more expensive. Even though I love Tarte, I still want to try whatever it is, before doing a post and declaring my undying love for it.. haha I'm so sarcastic today, what is going on!! The packaging is truly beautiful, in a Tarte style purple on the outer packaging, and shiny reflective gold on the inside in the form of a circle. It's very chic, beautiful, yet simple. It has a big mirror that fits the whole face and you can adjust it on a table however you like it to stand, so it doesn't just fall open, it stands by itself. There are three face products and six eyeshadows. Great choice of color for the face products. Matte bronzer/ contour shade, matte blush and a shimmery highlight. you can keep it matte with the bronzer and blush, or you can add the highlight to give your face a glow or even make the blush shimmery. The eyeshadows feel really smooth and they're pigmented. I haven't had any issues with fall out and they don't have much powder kick up or any at all. They blend easily and go well together, but not in a sense that if you use a couple of the shades together, it would go all muddy looking like some palettes tend to do. It can be used very neutral as a work appropriate makeup, or you can darken it as much as you desire. I think this is an awesome choice for travel as well, because the shades are easy to apply and very wearable. Also the palette includes anything you really need as the powders go really. Let's not forget the amazing mirror. I personally don't like to take too much makeup with me while traveling. I haven't traveled recently but I know that this palette would be great for it.

One thing I find myself doing is, bringing in the face powders into my eye look. I love using the matte bronzer/ contour shade very lightly in my crease and also the highlighter as an inner corner highlight. I think you can even use the highlight on the lid. The blush wouldn't look good on my eyes, because I know myself and I know peach can make my eyes look tired, but for those of you who love peach makeup looks, I'm sure the blush is usable in that sense as well. I also want to mention that, for using another less product on the eyes, I like taking the darkest brown in the palette and use it very thinly as an eyeliner. All I'm saying is that, you can totally get a full eye makeup and face makeup out of this palette, as powder goes. I of course excluded the setting powder and mascara and all that jazz.

Overall, I love this palette. The colors work beautifully and also go well with my skin tone. I reach for this a lot when I don't want to think about my makeup, just want a quick easy yet beautiful application and know that this can give me that. Also these are long lasting products, so another bonus. A big thumbs up from me to Tarte for this well thought out palette.

Have you tried this palette from Tarte? What are your thoughts on it? Also What is your favorite go to everyday palette?

Post your comments down below, I will be more than happy to read them and reply.
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