Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tarte Amazonian Clay Volumizing Brow Powder - Review

"The secret weapon of girls with great brows, tarte’s revolutionary volumizing brow and hair powder creates a naturally defined arch while seamlessly filling in sparse areas on the brows and scalp." 
My shade : medium brown

Happy Saturday! Today I'm sharing with you all of my thoughts on the Tarte Amazonian Clay Volumizing Brow & Hair Powder. As you might have noticed, I have used this products for a while, hence the dent in the powder in the picture I have inserted. I usually like to take good new pictures of the products I have got, when they're new and untouched, then use them for a while and after that do a through review on it. Well, I forgot to do that with this product so, it's used but who really cares right? So let's get started with the review.

As you all know already, and if you don't, I am a huge Tarte Cosmetics fan and I say this in every review I do on their products. So naturally, when I was looking to purchase an eyebrow powder, I looked at their line first. This brow powder comes in a compact packaging, with a good size mirror and a lot of products as you can see. It reminds me of a single eyeshadow packaging as well. There are five different shades and the one I chose is Medium Brown. What really attracted me to this product is how the shade is more on the cool side than the warm. The powder I was using before this was a warm medium brown color and I was never happy with how my brows looked. Then this product joined my makeup collection and I am the happiest I have ever been with my eyebrows. The shade has a slight warmth to it, but it is very cool nonetheless, and I find that this looks very natural on my brows. By natural I mean it is harder to tell if I have done anything to my brows, compared to the last product I was using, which was very obvious on my brows. I haven't had any problems with this fading away or not lasting on me at all. The same time I purchased this brow powder, I also got the Tarte Double Ended Bamboo Brow Brush as well and I love these two product together. They work amazing with each other and I haven't made one complaint about  either of these two.

I'm pretty sure that this brow powder will probably last me forever (maybe not forever, but a very long time haha), since it doesn't take much product to get the results I want. So even though this is on the more expensive side of makeup products, I know I will get to use it for a very long time! That is really exciting to me since I truly love this product and I don't want to ever run out of it. So I said all this to say, I can justify the price. I haven't used a brow powder and like it as much as I love this. We will see though, I might find something just as amazing but less expensive in the future, but until then I will keep holding on to it and love it.

Have you tried this brow powder by Tarte Cosmetics? What are your thoughts on it?Share your comments down below, I will for sure read them. 

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  1. I have tried Tarte products in the store and got Bronze Set that I am going to try out! I think I might check this out too! :)



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