Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Empties #1 | Products I've Used Up + Would I Repurchase?

So this is officially my first empties post. I have seen a few of these types of topics on YouTube, and since I don't do videos, I thought why not share them here with you, on my blog. I'm not calling these monthly empties because these are not from one particular month. I hate trash, who doesn't, and I can't for the life of me, understand how people can keep a bag full of empty beauty products just to share them in a video or in my case, blog post. So yes I tried, and I kept those I remembered to actually keep. One funny thing is that, the videos I have seen on this topic, is like monthly empties and there are so much products, so I am like, how many things do you go through in a month? I don't know maybe it's just me, but I don't go through products that fast, even the ones I use on a daily basis.

1. Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 5 & 10 : This is an acne medication with Benzoyl Peroxide. I would use a dot of it on wherever I have a breakout, or even feel one coming on. This stuff used to work really well for me, it would dry out any breakout, but after a while, I guess my skin either got used to it, or it wasn't enough, because after a while I just didn't see results anymore. So I stopped using it and it took so long that it has expired. It's going into the trash and I'm not repurchasing it.

2. Clean & Clear Invisible Blemish Treatment : This is another acne treatment but with Salicylic Acid. This never really did anything for me. After a while I realized Salicylic Acid does nothing for my breakouts. That's why I tried the cream I mentioned above with Benzoyl Peroxide. I have nothing to say about this really. It didn't work for me, so I stopped using it. Now I'm getting rid of it, because it has been sitting in my drawer for too long for it to be any good.

3. Freeman Feeling Beautiful Diamond Mineral Risk Mask : I used this mask during the month of December mostly, a little into January. I have a full post on this which I will link here. I loved using this, It makes my skin super smooth afterwards and I loved how calming and non-irritating it was. It did a little exfoliation as well because of the small "diamond" particles. I really liked it, and I hope my store starts carrying the full size of this, because I will definitely buy it again.

4. Selsun Blue Anti-Dandruff Shampoo : I have very mild, "dandruff" if you could even call it that. I used to use the Head & Shoulder, but it didn't really work, so I somehow found this shampoo in my drugstore. This works, but I find that it can get a little harsh if used frequently. If I use it frequently, I find that it takes all the moisture from my hair and scalp specially, leaves it a little tight if conditioner isn't used, which then results in my hair produce excessive oil to make it not as dry. So I would say, I use it once, maybe twice in a week, then definitely follow with conditioner, and I get the best results. I will definitely repurchase this, but I don't need to do it that often, since I use very small amount of it each time.

5. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion : I did a full post on this a while back which I will link right here. This is pretty famous for acne treatment. It's a spot treatment, and has been the most effective product I have used out of all the acne treatments you can get from different brands (excluding medication dermatologists prescribe). This stuff works wonders. I truly love it. I would use it at night and leave it on during my sleep, take it off in the morning. It wouldn't fully make my acne disappear, but it would speed up the process. So for example, if it would take a week for a breakout to go away (minus scarring), this would make it a day or two. I would repurchase it if the shipping wasn't so expensive. The cost of this product would be less than the shipping sometimes, I wonder why, since a lot of companies have free shipping nowadays. Not this one for where I live apparently. Also, I don't know any store that carry this either. So yes, I would repurchase this, but I haven't since I finished this bottle and it sort of dried out on me at the end of it.

6. Lancome Youth Activating Concentrate : I was gifted a couple of different Lancome products from my friend, and this little deluxe sample was one of them. It's basically a serum that brings out the youthfulness on the skin. It was a nice serum and it didn't irritate my skin at all. It made it smooth. It was a good, okay serum, but didn't see that much of huge difference to be honest. I still was grateful to have had the chance to try it out. This stuff is pretty expensive, so I don't know about purchasing a full bottle, but I wouldn't mind using another deluxe sample! haha

7. NUDE ProGenius Treatment Oil : I got this at the Sephora checkout, but I didn't use any of my points on it, they just put it in my bag. It's a decent size for sample. This is a face oil. It doesn't have any particular fragrance to it, it smells like oil I guess. I guess this was a little too much vitamins or something for my face. The skin of my face wasn't too fond of this, it got irritated and tiny whiteheads appeared, but I didn't want to get rid of it completely, so I used it on the back of my hands and it works just like any beauty oil I guess. My hands love this though, and it made the skin super moisturized and smooth. This is another expensive skin care item that I wouldn't mind using if I got it as a sample, but I wouldn't purchase a full bottle of it.

8. Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm : I love this lip balm with all my heart. It's hydrating and moisturizing at the same time. I never have dry lips when I use this stuff after exfoliating or just by itself. I love how thin it is, because I hate thick lip balms for during the day, I love to use thicker lip balms for night time when I'm sleep so my lips can bathe in them. During the day, I love to use this. It's not super thin that it doesn't last long or fades or anything. It's just comfortable on the lips and lasts a for quite some time. I use this even under any lipstick, and it works as an awesome lip primer. It has a very faint sweet scent but nothing too overwhelming, and it's not vanilla or sugar smell, I don't know. I just know that it smells good, works more than great and I will definitely repurchase this again. In fact I have a new one waiting to be opened by me.

So that's it guys for this empties post. I'm really proud of myself to have kept all these to do a post about it. It just irks me to keep empty products, when I can just get rid of them and not occupy any space for them. I will still try my best to keep my empty, used beauty products and share them with you in a future post.

What products have you used up lately? You are more than welcome to share them with me in the comments down below.

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  1. Great post Dina,i recently used up a bath and body works lotion in the scent tokoyo lotus abble blossom the scent is amazing and my cetaphil cleanser

  2. Lot of products you have managed to get finished!!!
    Nice post.

  3. You have finishes quite a lot of products. Great post :)

    Golden Rim

  4. You have finishes quite a lot of products. Great post :)

    Golden Rim

  5. I enjoyed your Empties post esp that Lancome serum which I tried and love in the past for my skin! I have finished up several products including Mizani Shyne (oil sheen) spray, Vitamin E serum for my skin,organic lotions, and Redken All Soft shampoo and condition!



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