Friday, October 9, 2015

Smashbox Photo Finish Prime Water - Review

I have always used some sort of spray mist for my makeup. Usually, I use setting spray to set my makeup and lock it in place. So I was excited to try out this prime water from Smashbox. The fact that it's called prime water in the name of the product, makes me think it's "water to prime" the face. In the description of the product, it states that it can be used the complete three ways a makeup spray can be used. As primer before makeup, as setting spray to set the makeup, and as a refresher to make everything fresh and hydrated.

The spray nozzle gives a nice, light mist. It doesn't splash the product onto the face as some other spray nozzles might do. It feels very refreshing and has a fresh delicate scent but nothing overwhelming or irritating. It feels light weight and absorbs quickly. It's very hydrating and I've found that for my dry skin, this almost acts as a second layer of sheer moisture instead of applying an actual moisturizer a second time, which can get thick, and slippery and just heavy. This product gives moisture to all the dry areas I have on my skin and primes it so when I go with my face makeup, nothing clings to dry areas. So I love this as primer.

I have tried the other two ways, as setting spray and refresher. I just feel like it could somehow move my makeup if that's possible? maybe I sprayed too much or too closely to the face but I just didn't enjoy it after I had done all my makeup. I like other setting sprays better for that purpose. But as a primer, this works amazingly. Overall, I would say the actual name of the product "prime water" suits this best.

Have your tried this product? What are your thoughts on it? Also, what are your favourite makeup setting sprays? 

Lots of love,

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