Monday, October 19, 2015

Loreal Magic Top Coats - Review & Swatches

Hello lovelies. Today I am talking about these fun Loreal top coats. I know they're not new but I have had a while to use them and can finalize my opinions on them finally. These as the name suggests, are meant to be as topcoats, so basically to be used on top of other nail polishes. I'll be honest, I have used them on their own as well. There's no "rule" really. So these each have different effects. When used as top coats, it changes the look of the nail polish. It also can look different if used on lighter polish or darker. When using these, I would prefer using a creme finish nail polish instead of shimmer obviously, since the top coats are doing the sparkle job so why use shimmery nail polish and apply a gold glitter on top? haha. Of course, anyone can do what they please, that's just how I prefer to do mine.

The True Gold is small sized gold glitter and it applies evenly and feels smooth after it's dry.
The True Diamond is super fine, pearly shimmer. It applies evenly and sparkles like diamonds.
The Sparklicious is larger differently shaped glitter in black and silver holographic. This one, I had to work with it a bit and almost place the glitter where I wanted.
The Shift Me actually changed the colour of the nail polish. In this case, it changed my dark red nail color to a lighter pink and gives it a thin frosted blue shimmer effect.

These top coats each give a very pretty and fun look to the same nail polish. So you can get a different effect with these and have fun with it. My favourite would have to be The True Diamond and The Shift Me. I've used those two the most as top coats on top of other polishes as well as alone like a normal polish.

Have you tried any of these yet? which one is your favourite?
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