Friday, October 30, 2015

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette - Review & Swatches

Dim Light, Incandescent Light, Radiant Light
Happy Halloween!! I hope you all have a fun not so scary Halloween filled with lots of delicious treats and happy memories.

Today on my blog, I'm talking about the Hourglass Palette that has been really popular among beauty lovers. I have actually had this for a long while now (five months) and have had time to use it on my own time and schedule without the pressure to do a fast review and also get a feel for the product without the whole popularity hype of it getting to me.

This includes three of their Ambient Lighting Powders in smaller size and in a palette, so you get to try three different products. This was my first time purchasing anything from Hourglass, so I was all for the idea of trying this. I had done my research as I always do, before purchasing something and I knew I wanted this palette instead of just getting one of them in a bigger size. First of all, the packaging is gorgeous, sleek and feels very well made and also luxurious as it should hence the high price tag and high end makeup category this goes under. The powders feel very smooth and finely milled. The picture with swatches, I did a couple of swipes for you to be able to see the colour and pigmentation, but keep in mind that these are powders that are applied on the face with brushes, so how it looks in the swatch picture is not how it'll show on the face and for good reasons. On the face it will be more subtle and way more natural.

I use Dim light as sort of all over the face powder sometimes, it has a very nice glow to it, but it doesn't make the face look shimmery or shiny, just gives it a natural luminosity. Incandescent Light I use as highlighter. On my medium skin tone, this shows up very beautifully but very natural and not at all obvious like a disco ball. Radiant Light I use as a blush topper and also highlight. It is a more natural highlight that Incandescent Light for me but some days I want that. As a blush topper, I usually pare it with a matte blush that I want to give it some glow. So I apply the matte blush and lightly dust Radiant Light on top to give a very soft sheen and it's absolutely beautiful. These are very easy to apply, it can be applied sheer but it's also buildable. By Hourglass definition, these are finishing powders. Not setting powder as some would expect it to be.

I am really happy I purchased this and will continue to use it. Now if you know you will only use one of these, then go ahead and just purchase that shade alone, but since I wanted to try these three different shades, this palette was perfect for me. I would recommend it to anyone really! These also last a long time so I don't see myself hitting pan anytime soon.

Have you tried anything from Hourglass? What are your thoughts on it?
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