Thursday, October 22, 2015

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Anti-Stress Dead Sea Minerals Facial Mask - Review

"Dead Sea Minerals and Sea Salts help replenish and balance moisture while purging clogged pores. Lavender and Bergamot help achieve an aroma-therapeutic bliss to rinse away stress for smooth and radiant skin. Perfect for all skin types."

Today I'm doing a review on another Freeman mask as promised. This mask comes in a squeeze tube as most of the other Freeman masks do usually. It has an ocean blue colour and has a pleasant smell. The texture is creamy and a little of this stuff goes a long way, as in spreads easily. I cleanse my skin, pat it dry, but leave it a little damp, because I find that this mask doesn't spread easily on completely dry skin, but on wet skin, it sort of slides off. So damp skin it is. A little amount of this stuff spreads easily onto the whole face. It dries after 10-15 minutes, but it also depends on the amount applied. If a thicker layer is applied takes longer compared to a thinner layer.

It feels cooling and refreshing while it is on the skin. After I wash it off, I find this mask to calm the redness on my skin. It also can dry breakouts faster when I use this. The smell is very nice and it's not overwhelming. I really like this mask and find my self using it quite often compared to other mask I own. I specially love the ocean blue colour it has. It's more fun than the usual white colour masks typically are.

Have you tried any of the Freeman face masks? What are your thoughts on it?
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  1. looks great now i want to try it out! also im looking for blogging friends check out my blog if you can

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