Thursday, October 1, 2015

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Honeydew & Chamomile Sleeping Mask - Review

I have always mostly used more expensive brand masks and I have found this Freeman Feeling Beautiful brand from the drugstore that has a lot of different masks for different types of skin. I have bought a bunch of them and I will definitely do reviews on them so keep a look out for them.I also saw some that were in this packaging, and I don't think there actually is a bottle packaging for them. There's a lot of product in this, so I just transferred it to a jar, so I could close the lid and use it again. A little goes a very long way with this product. I have used it about five times and there's definitely twenty or more uses left still.

This is the first sleeping mask I have tried so I was a little confused and skeptical. It has a consistency very similar to a moisturizer with a definite honeydew sweet smell. If I smell it too much, it could make me nauseous so I avoid smelling it and good thing the smell goes away pretty quick. It absorbs to the skin so there's nothing to transfer onto the pillow case. It's very moisturizing so I don't use another skin care the nights I use this. I obviously avoided the eye are and around my mouth. The next morning, it washed off like any other skin care would, so nothing different there. I just think the first time, I used a little too much because it was probably too moisturizing/ hydrating for my skin because I had some breakouts and this was the only thing I used. But the other times I used a lot less and had no bad reaction the next morning. So the saying "a little goes a long way" definitely works for this product.

This is an okay product. It was nice to try out but I wont repurchase again.

Have you tried out this product? What are your thoughts on in? Leave your comments down below. Also if you have a favourite sleeping mask, share it in the comments below as well.

Lots of love,

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