Monday, September 2, 2013

The Body Shop Chocomania Body Scrub - Review

So the other day I was using this scrub in the shower and you know how it is with showers where all the good ideas come to your mind and you start thinking and you take an hour to finish your shower and all that. 

So yes I had one of those moments and the idea I had was to review this body scrub!

At the first look this is a pretty dark brown/ chocolaty colour and when you open it, the smell of chocolate just hits you, pretty hard! haha. It smells DELICIOUS! I kind of get temped to taste it but I fight the urge.

This contains 200 ml and retails for about $19 at The Body Shop store.

Let me just be honest here. That looks like pooh on my hand! but it actually is the scrub! The down side to having the chocolate smelling scrub is the brown colour of it that can look kind of bad...

Aside from that, the texture of this scrub is rough grainy/ sugary which is good for exfoliating the body. The scrub has an oily base to it which means it is very moisturising. When I use this, it does a pretty good job at exfoliating the skin and the texture of the scrub does not irritate my skin what so ever. I love that about it.


there are some down sides to this for me particularly. The fact that this scrub is a brown colour, it just makes my shower look all dirty and brown! it kind of looks like pooh everywhere HAHA. Also the fact that this scrub has an oily base to it, it just feels like I have oiled up my skin and jumped in the shower. It just feels weird to me. I don't really like the feeling . I am not sure how to explain it so you guys can fully understand me but it is like putting baby oil all over you and then going to shower. The water just slides off and that right there is really weird for me! oh well.. Also the oily base makes the floor of my shower kind of slippery so it was like a mess in there. First of all everywhere all splash of brown and then slippery floor.

For those who also do not like the moisturised feeling in the shower, I suggest rinsing really well before getting out.

- Leaves the skin soft and smooth
- Amazing chocolaty smell
- Contains natural ingredients (Sunflower seed oil, Soybean oil, Cocoa seed butter, organic cane sugar, etc)

- Messy in the shower (the brown colour of it)
- Leaves the floor of the shower slippery (the oily base it has to it)
- The oily base is weird for me in the shower (unfortunately)

I really wanted to enjoy this scrub. I absolutely love the smell. You could be tempted to want to eat it. It's that good! also it leaves my skin very soft and smooth, but the fact that it gets my shower messy and leaves the shower floor slippery AND the weird feeling of being super moisturised while showering is just weird. I tried to work with this. I have had this for about six months now and I still use it. The product is half used and I still plan on finishing it but I am not too sure if I will repurchase this again. If I would repurchase it, I would make sure to get one that at least does not have the dark colour consistency to it.

Have you tried this scrub or any of The Body Shop brand scrubs? What are your thoughts on it?

Love, Dina


  1. Looks like a good one except the way it leaves the shower.

    Keep in touch,

    1. yea, that is the down side unfortunately. thank you for your comment.

  2. I feel the same about body scrubs, they make my skin soft but my shower needs a deep scrub after I use them, great review.

    Chimere Nicole

  3. Just rinse the shower down after.


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