Friday, September 6, 2013

L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier B.B Cream - Review

I am finally reviewing one of my favourite BB creams from the drugstore. I have had this for a few months and have been really enjoying it, so I thought to review it for you guys if you haven't already tried it yourself.

This L'Oreal BB comes in a squeezable tube which I actually really like because it is easy to control how much of the product comes out. The packaging is very sleek and I actually like it despite the fact that there is no pump.

I got this from Walmart for around $10 Canadian Dollars. There were four shades of this available at my Walmart (Fair, Light, Medium, Deep) and as usual for my skin tone, I went for the medium colour and it actually matches me pretty well.

One really important thing I wanted to mention here is the fact that this product doesn't have any SPF! The most huge downside because I think the whole idea of BB creams is the fact that everything is in one product that you apply and done. But there are always a good side to everything which in this one, the fact that it doesn't have any SPF in it, it means no washed out/ white cast in photos! yay!

This product comes out pretty liquid-y and white but don't be scared. Once you start to apply it to your face and start rubbing it in, it actually turns into a skin tone colour which for me is a medium shade.

If you look closely and carefully you can actually see small dots in the white which are "skin toned" beads that breaks when you rub it on your skin. Some might actually not like the feeling of its texture but for me, I really don't feel the beads on my face so I have no problem with that.

In the picture below you can see the product is starting to transform into a skin tone shade. When I rub it a bit more the product just blends with my skin and I actually didn't take a picture of it because it just looked like my hand and that's it. You really couldn't tell there was anything on it which is good because it means that this product is very natural looking on the skin. It has a light coverage but it also can be buildable to get a bit more coverage.

When I apply this, I just apply it all over my face and it covers the red spots or any discolouration I have. If there are any hyperpigmentation marks showing I just put some concealer because I don't like to cake on this stuff on my face and I actually like the natural look of it on my skin.

The light coverage this product has makes it perfect for summer. I just use my fingers while applying this. I see no reason to use a brush since it is so easy to do it with fingers and it is really fast that way. I actually haven't tried this with a brush so I couldn't tell if it would work the as same as applying with fingers.

After this product sets, it  feels pretty smooth on the skin and it has an almost matte finish but it is not completely matte so it makes it look even more natural.

This lightly covers any blemish or scarring so as I said, I just apply some concealer if I really think I need it.

My cheeks are kind of dry and my t-zone is normal to combination so I moisturise my cheeks really well before applying this because it can sort of cling to the dry areas. So I am not sure how this would work for really dry skins. It works for me since I love to moisturise my skin.

- Affordable
- Looks natural on the skin
- Evens out skin tone
- easy to blend

- No SPF
- Only four shades available

So overall, I actually really like this. Aside from the fact that it doesn't have SPF which is not a big deal at all since I like to put a higher level of SPF on my face which usually products like these would have lower SPF. So when crossing out the no SPF part for me, I really do like this BB cream and I like it even more in the summer time because of its light weight.

Have you tried this BB cream? What is your favourite BB cream from the drugstore?

Love, Dina

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  1. i didn't like this BB Cream. I like L'Oreal Age Perfect


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