Friday, September 20, 2013

Nail of the Day : Essie "Aruba Blue"

Fall is pretty much here and I got into the mood of painting my nails a fall-ish colour and I pulled this out of my nail polish collection. Since it has been a long time that I have worn this on my nails, I decided to just go for it and also do a little review on it for you guys.

Aruba Blue is a cobalt blue colour with shimmer which goes on very smooth and it is opaque in just two coats. I think this is a very eye catching because of all the shimmer and the blue colour.

This nail polish on the nails is the exact colour as it is in the bottle which I love that fact. I apply two coats and I am satisfied with how opaque it looks on my nails.

The brush that this nail polish has is pretty small. I am really used to the OPI nail polish brushes which are a medium wide size and I find it a little hard to do my nails. I have to work fast and pick up quit bit of the polish to be able to get an even colour all over my nails. I know this might be confusing but I'm not sure how to explain it in another way. haha

Also, this polish or the actual brush leaves minor brush strokes which can be seen if look closely. It is not a big deal really but to some people, it might be an issue.

Two coats of Aruba Blue, silver glitter on the ring finger  just to glam it up a little

The formula is pretty thin but it gets opaque in just two coats. This polish is very light weight and I don't feel it on my nails at all, unlike some cream polishes that feel a bit heavy on my nails.

Also, the fact that this polish is pretty thin, it is easy to get it on your cuticles which for me, this always happens. So I just paint my nails and then clean up around my cuticles after. 

- Good coverage with two coats
- Jewel/shimmery blue colour can be flattering on different skin colours/tones
- Lasts for a good amount of time without topcoat

- Small brush
- Minor brush strokes can be seen
- Could be a little expensive (depending on the store)

This polish is easy to find in the stores and it retails for about $9 - $12 (Canadian Dollars)

So overall, I really like this polish especially for fall and winter time. I think it is a very flattering on the nails. It is darker than the usual blue we see but not too dark, it is just very unique looking.

Have you tried this nail polish? What is your favourite fall/winter nail polish?

Love, Dina

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