Monday, September 16, 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Collection - Review

So Maybelline has come out with a new collection for the baby lips and once I saw them, I had to try out the new colours since I really did like the original baby lips when they first came out!

95 Strike a Rose, 70 Pink Shock
First of all, I LOVE the packaging. Even more that the original line. The original line is fun and bright but I prefer this black packaging with bright coloured writing! I think it is a bit more mature but still fun and exciting! Well, maybe that's just me! haha

95 Strike a Rose, 70 Pink Shock

The new collection has 6 new shades. I decided to go with two of the colours that I know I would really use and enjoy. So besides the two shades that I got there is also yellow, green, orange, and purple. They look very bright and neon in the packaging so I tried to stay away from the ones that I was not so sure I would use.

95 Strike a Rose, 70 Pink Shock

Strike a Rose is a beautiful rose-y, coral-y pink colour. It has a shiny finish and also comes off a bit deeper on the lip than the colour in the tube but this might just depend on your actual lip colour. This colour is very wearable and it is perfect for me for an everyday lip colour. This smells like strawberries to me, it has a sweet pleasant smell. Not overpowering which is good. It applies very smooth and pigmented. It can actually be sheer but can be built up as seen in the swatch below.

Pink Shock is a fuchsia, berry pink colour and the same shiny finish as the other one. This is much brighter and has more colour to it. It can both be worn sheer or be built up to get more colour out of it as seen in the swatch below. To me this one has the same sweet pleasant, not overpowering smell. This also applies very smoothly.

95 Strike a Rose, 70 Pink Shock

Unfortunately with these lip balms, there is no particular shape to the actual lip balm. It is just round unlike lipsticks so this can make the application a bit tricky specially with the ones that are pigmented. I don't recommend applying them without a mirror because it can go outside of the lip very easily and make it look messy.

These are a lot more wearable than lipsticks because even though these have colour to them, it is not as opaque and rich as a lipstick can be. Very moisturising on the lips and perfect for on the go. Feels light on the lips and I love that feeling.

- Pretty packaging
- Moisturising on the lips
- leaves the lips feeling soft and hydrated
- inexpensive

- No SPF (unlike the original Baby Lips)
- No precise application (hence round shape)
- Needs reapplying (doesn't last a very long time)

These retails for about $3 - $5 Canadian dollars.

Overall, I actually really like the Baby Lips in general. I think these are great products for on the go or for the days that you don't want anything too thick or opaque on the lips and also these can be a good base for other lip products such as lipsticks or lip glosses. So, yes I do like them and I think it is an easy product to work with and the packaging is just super fun!

Have you tried the Baby Lips? What are your favourite colours?

Love, Dina

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