Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tarte Maracuja Lip Exfoliant - Review

"A powerful resurfacing lip scrub that exfoliates lips then provides instant hydration—quenching lips with no greasy or filmy feel."

So now that the weather has gotten cold, I start remembering about different skin care items I like to use during winter. I had put aside this lip exfoliant from Tarte, and that is because I really don't get chapped lips during warm weather, but winter is when my skin gets dry, so does my lips. So, I brought this back out and decided to review it for you all as well.

This comes in a metal tin, purple with gold design on the lid. The product looks like a lip balm at first, when it's new, but when you start to sort of dig into the product and start using it, you realize it's like a balm with sugar particles mixed in. It smells minty, but not in a burning your nose when you smell it minty. It's minty with a little sweetness to it. It's a very refreshing smell and I like that it doesn't smell straight up sweet or sugary. The sugar particles in this is very scrub-y and gritty but not harsh or irritating. It really does scrub the lips and while it does that, the balm keeps the lips moisturized. A little goes a long way, so I take a tiny amount and rub it in circles on my top and bottom lip. I don't really time it, but you can feel the sugary bits start to sort of melt with the balm and the warmth of your finger, that's how it feels to me. When I feel like I have exfoliated my lips for a good amount of time, I take a tissue, dampen it a little and remove the sugar or whatever is left gently. I guess you could lick it off, but I don't like doing that. It does have a nice sweet taste to it, so in case you do get it inside your mouth, it doesn't taste gross. It does leave a little moisture or balm on my lips, but I still apply a good amount of any lip balm I'm using at the moment. 

This stuff works really great for my lips, and I feel like when I do a good exfoliation and lip balm after, I don't have to repeat it that often. I usually do it one a week or once every two weeks. It does keep my lips soft and I like that I don't have to exfoliate them that often. I know a lot of you would say, why not just make an at home lip exfoliant, but I just don't do that personally. I don't know, it's easier to buy something I guess. But you do what you like best. No pressure haha. I realize that this isn't the cheapest lip exfoliant product, but it's not the most expensive either. I haven't come upon a more inexpensive product yet, so I will keep using this until then. I genuinely love Tarte products and they often have sales or coupons for an amount of percent off order, so I usually get better deals that way as well.

Do you use any lip exfoliates? what are your favourites? Share them with me in the comments section down bellow.

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