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CoverGirl Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation - Review

"Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation’s oil-free, non-greasy formula gives your skin a natural luminosity that lasts all day! Perfect for achieving radiant skin, this all day foundation hydrates skin while providing flawless coverage."  I have shade : 842 Medium Beige

I haven't had much or none at all luck with CG foundations. I like other products from CoverGirl, but their foundations and I don't get along too well. But then sometimes I just can't help myself, and I want to give this brands foundations another chance. So I got sucked in by the "stay luminous" claim in the name of this foundation and I bought it. I have normal to dry skin, but my t-zone can get shiny sometimes. So dry skin girl right here and when I see luminous I tend to think, yes this will be good for my dry skin. This was one the pretty rare times that I bought something without having done any research or you know getting people's opinion on it. So you might be guessing where this review going but first, let's get into the actual product.

This foundation comes in a glass bottle with a pump. The pump has a twist to it for closing and opening, and the dispenser has a good control to it so you can control how much product you want to pump out. There is a strong scent to this foundation that I think can be a big downside for a lot of people including me. It smells weird to be honest, it's like they tried to put a fragrance and it went wrong somehow? to me it smells like cooked rice? or like bread? I have heard some say it smells like almonds, but not to me... and a weird thing I noticed that the smell is really strong at times, and then I try to smell it another day and the smell is not there.. I don't know just super weird!!

This foundations and the whole packaging really reminds me of another foundation they came out with a while back, Stay Fabulous 3-in-one, with the blue pump instead of red. I didn't like that and if you want more of what I had to say about it, just click on the name of the foundation listed in the previous sentence and it will take you to that post. It was one of my very first reviews on this blog. Back to the foundation, my issue with CG foundations are usually the pink tone of the shades they put out, but this time the shade I got, matches me quite better than before. It's the foundation itself that is weird for me. It feels sort of sticky, or tacky to the touch and when applying to my skin, it dragged a big, it wasn't as smooth as when I initially dispensed it out of the bottle. It was very hard to blend this foundation for me personally. The finish is a luminous, dewy on the skin but it doesn't have shimmer or glitter.It feels tacky to the touch even after I let the foundation set for a while. I also realized that it would cling to some of the dry patches on my skin. It's a funny mix of it clinging to dry areas but at the same time the tacky feeling of it makes me think it's because of the moisture it had that it sets like that.. I don't know guys this is the hardest foundation I have ever come across. Hardest foundation as in hard to describe my experience with it. Believe me I was confused my self!

I find that the glow, or dewiness it has to it, can sort of enhance any hyperpigmentation/acne scarring or uneven texture there is to the skin. As in a matte finish foundation, would sort of hide all of that, this sort of enhances it because light catches the shine or luminosity this foundation leaves on the skin. This has light to medium coverage. The lasting power on me is for around five to six hours maybe, then my skin starts to show more dry areas, shiny in my t-zone, as if the foundation moisture is gone and my skin is left dehydrated in a way but yet sort of shiny. I would say this could work for normal to maybe combination skins. Oily skins need to powder, dry skin might have a hard time with this like me, or maybe it's just my skin not acting well with this. Maybe it will work better for you than it did for me. I am storing in the back of my memory not to try any other CG foundation, that way I can't get disappointed in something I haven't tried.

Have you tried this foundation, if you have what are your thoughts on it? & What drugstore foundations have you tried that didn't work well for you?

Post your comments down below, I will be more than happy to read them and reply.
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  1. This foundation seems to be pretty nice (: Unfortunately, in Portugal it's really hard to find CoverGirl, only online!
    Have a great day,


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