Saturday, February 13, 2016

Tarte Tartelette In Bloom Palette - Review & Swatches

Happy Saturday and long weekend. I'm looking forward to this long weekend to just relax and enjoy it, since I have been super busy with everything. Also Happy Valentine's Day. I hope you all show love and affection to your loved ones all the time, throughout the year, not just on one particular day. It's been freezing cold here in Canada, so I hope you all stay warm, cozy and safe with your loved ones. 

(I'm going to say love a lot in this post, so let me warn you a head of time.)

I have been dying to talk about this Tartelette In Bloom Palette, by Tarte Cosmetics. I got this back in November, I'm sure it was just a week after they had released this as their newest palette and I was all over it. It was a funny situation, because I wanted to get their first Tartelette Palette which is an all matte eyeshadow palette, and I was debating on whether to get that or not, because I am a shimmer lover, so my main lid color is shimmer. I was thinking of getting it, because I didn't have a variety of mattes in my collection, and I was hesitant about that palette, because I knew if I purchased that, I would have to bring in a shimmer lid color from some other palette and that was not sitting well with me. So when I saw they had come out with a new palette, and it included 9 mattes and 3 lusters, I didn't even hesitate. 

First of all, the packaging is absolutely stunning! I get mesmerized by it, no joke. It's colorful, springy, fun, I could go on all day and not get tired. When I got my hands on it, I knew it was going to be perfect and I am pleased to say it is more than perfect. I'm in love. I love eyeshadow palettes, but I love them even more when they're from Tarte. I love how there are so many matte shades, and only three are luster or shimmer finish. I also love that there the mattes get separated into three groups in a way. Light matte shades, medium matte, and dark matte, then there are those three gorgeous luster shades that can work anyway you please. I swear it feels like this palette was made for me because I honestly don't need anything else, when using this. I have my matte under brow highlights, matte medium crease/ transition shades, shimmer lid shades and dark mattes for liner. I have been into using dark eyeshadows as eyeliners for a very long time, so as I said I LOVE this palette, so thank you so much Tarte for making this. It couldn't have been better.

The shadows are soft, and smooth. The pigmentation is awesome, each row can be it's own quad of eyeshadows and make different eye looks, or you can mix and match whichever one and make a unique look with it. These blend seamlessly, and effortlessly. I have had no issues with fall outs what so ever, as well as powder kick up, since I am so careful with my palettes. I have to mention that I love that this is just neutral shades but they're not boring whatsoever. I swear when I see a neutral eyeshadow palette, I get bored so fast, but with this, those three lusters catch the light and my eyes, that I don't even think about getting bored. Also, I love that Tarte didn't throw in a pop of color like some neutral eyeshadow palettes tend to do. This is strictly neutral and I am so thankful for that. If I wanted a pop of color, I would just grab another palette I have which is just full of fun, bold pop of colors and add that to my look. I'm sure there will be people out there that won't be attracted to this palette and that's fine, but honestly, for me personally, I have never seen a more exciting neutral palette in a while... and It smells sweet you guys, when I open the palette, there's a light sweet scent which is just the icing on the cake. 

I see nothing wrong with this palette which I'm so happy and thankful for, because I didn't research this, or read reviews or anything, before I just decided to order it, just because I am obsessed with this brand. I am beyond ecstatic to get to play more with this palette. I know all I said was love this and love that but I'm just expressing how I truly feel and that's that. I hope you guys enjoyed my super hyper, excited post about this palette and didn't get too annoyed with me. Until next time. xoxo

What are your thoughts on this palette? and if you own it, let me know your thoughts and opinion down below in the comments section, I'll be more than happy to read them and respond.

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Lots of love,

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  1. The colours in the palette look amazing. The pigmentation seems nice.


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