Sunday, February 28, 2016

O.P.I Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Oil - Review

It's still really cold here in Canada and there's nothing worse than winter for our nails and cuticles so I thought using this Nail and Cuticle Oil by OPI Avoplex would definitely help me with that.

I have two different styles of this product. One is in a nail polish form, the other one is in a squeeze tube that has a brush applicator. These are definitely the same product but as I said in two different packaging. The one that comes in a nail polish form is easier to use at home, preferably at a desk, so it can stay on the desk and not spill everywhere when applying it to the nails. The tube packaging can be used pretty much anywhere and as the name suggests "to go", can go in a purse, or a pocket if you really need it that bad all the time haha but I keep mine beside my bed table usually. The both styles of this product is easy to use in my opinion and the oil absorbs pretty quickly. It's doesn't evaporate in seconds but it won't take hours to absorbs either. (that's how it is for me at least). It has a very light scent but I honestly can't pinpoint what it smells like. It's not an oil scent if you know what I mean, some face oils does have that sort of oil smell to them, which isn't all that pleasant in my opinion. The scent of this oil is not strong at all, and I haven't had any issues with this irritating my nails and cuticles. 

This is a very moisturizing nail and cuticle oil and what I like about this is that, when I apply it on my nails and specially cuticles, it doesn't drip or start to get runny with the warmth of my hands and go everywhere, which is great. I really enjoy using this during winter and colder months, because that's when my cuticles specially get cracked and dry. I like to use this at night, right before I go to sleep because then it can do it's thing, without me getting in the way of it. In the ingredients, there are lots of good oils added in this which I'm sure helps a lot with softening and moisturizing cuticles. So overall, I really like this product and I do recommend it to anyone with dry nails and cuticles.

Have you tried this Nail & Cuticle Oil? What are your thoughts on it? share your comments down below.

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