Monday, September 28, 2015

Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer & Refreshing Eye Cream - Review

I am BACK with another skincare review. I've been into skincare a lot lately so I've been trying out new products.

I have always wanted to try out the origins skincare line and I have two face masks from them which I love. So as always, since my skin is sensitive to new products, I got a sample of these two one day when I was shopping at Sephora (again as always haha) and lucky enough at the checkout I had more than enough points to get their big reward and it was a box with different origin products including these two. So i had these two pretty big jars AND the samples haha so I had more that enough of these two to try out and have an opinion on them and of course write a review for you all.
I really like the face moisturizer. It`s light weight with a gel like consistency. It doesn't feel greasy and it absorbs quickly. It moisturizes really well and smells and feels refreshing on the skin. I actually really like it. I just feel like it didn't do anything spectacular for my skin for it to stand out compared to other moisturizers I have tried before. Don't get me wrong, it is a really nice moisturizer and it was nice to try it out and get the feel for the product, but I just don't think I would pay over thirty bucks for it.

Now the eye cream I LOVE! I've seen actual change when using this product and I was really impressed. It has sort of pink-ish salmon sort of tint to it but it doesn't cover anything like concealer so let's not get carried away haha. It also has a slight shimmer or glow.. whatever you want to call it. It`s not glitter or anything that obvious but it definitely helps to brighten my under eye a little bit.

I know I said I've seen actual change with this eye cream and I absolutely have. It was one of the not so many mornings where I woke up with red puffy eyes because I had cried the night before. I did my "morning ritual" and used this eye cream under my eyes and also on my eyelids. I didn't really think about this until I looked into the mirror again and my eyes looked normal. Like I had dreamed about my eyes looking puffy. I was really shocked and also impressed. Now I don't know how long it took for it to work because I wasn't really expecting anything but the result was pretty amazing.

The ingredients include coffee beans so I'm pretty sure the caffeine is what energized and helped the puffiness and redness.

Overall, I really enjoyed both of these products. The face moisturizer I probably wont repurchase. The eye cream is a definite repurchase from me. It's actually on my next Sephora shopping list.

Have you tried anything from Origins? What are your thoughts on it?

Lots of love,

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