Friday, June 19, 2015

Sephora Collection Jumbo Liner 12HR wear Waterproof - Review & Swatches

10 Green, 04 Taupe, 11 Turquoise
Today I am reviewing the Sephora Jumbo Liners which are actually some of my favourites. In summer I tend to tone down my makeup a lot and most days I'm just without anything on my face except Sunscreen!! But there are days that I like to look more put together whether it's for work or just hanging out with friends or whatever is going on. So my go to eye look is usually a natural matte cream shade on the lids, warm brown or like a grey brown matte shade in the crease and one of these liners on the top lash line just like you would do with a black eyeliner. Some times I go for a thin line and sometimes I do it thick. 

These jumbo liners are just what the name says JUMBO! haha but I make it work both ways. It needs to be sharpened so I sharpen the tip for a thin line or use the side for a thicker look. They go on very smoothly and effortlessly. It's creamy but it doesn't slide off either. Doesn't tug on the eye and it is very pigmented and also true to the colour of the packaging. It's just perfect. they set quickly once you`re finished applying it. When they set it doesn't go ANYWHERE!! In my opinion these are smudge proof, waterproof, even tear proof if you ask me! But the good thing is that it removes easily with eye makeup remover. I don't have to tug on my eyes or rub that just comes off effortlessly.. SCORE!! haha 

10 Green, 04 Taupe, 11 Turquoise
Here I did big swatches for you guys so you can see how pigmented they are, how true to the colour of the packaging it goes on the skin and also these come in shimmer and no shimmer? I'm not sure if they are matte so don't hold me on that but the three I've got have sort of shimmer but not really? I don't know.. well they reflect light but there's no glitter either so yea...moving on.

10 Green, 04 Taupe, 11 Turquoise
A while back I did another review on some other waterproof eyeliners I had and I did the same test with them so I decided to do it again for this one. I put my hand under warm running water and actually rubbed them a little, honestly nothing changed but the fact that the skin of my hand kind of hurt because I was trying to somehow smudge them or remove them and nothing would do. I removed it with eye makeup remover in the end... see my point? these are absolutely amazing!!

The only thing I could say that some people might be a little put off is that it needs sharpening. It is not retractable so that can be the only negative but then I have never had issues with sharpening this. Yes there are other eyeliners I've tried in the past that are creamy and needs sharpening and it's a mess... It gets stuck in the sharpener, then the pencil breaks and just a headache... BUT I honestly have never had any issues with this getting stuck in the sharpener or anything. When I sharpen them, the actual wood thing of the pencil and the eyeliner stick together so I was really impressed when my sharpener was clean after using it.

I am looking forward to look for more colours next time I'm in the Sephora store. maybe expect a swatch post? we'll see ;)

Yeah, well I can go on and on about these eyeliners but I'm going stop my rambling. 

Have you tried any of these eyeliners? What are your thoughts on it?

Lots of love,

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