Thursday, February 13, 2014

Physicians Formula Matte Collection Quad Eyeshadow in Canyon Classics - Review & Swatches

Personally, I don't tend to collect matte eyeshadows.. like ever. I like to have a few of the neutral necessities of the mattes and that is about it. But lately, I have been interested to find a good matte palette that pretty much had everything I would need. So when I stumbled upon this eyeshadow quad from Physicians Formula, I got pretty excited!

Now I was initially thinking of considering the Urban Decay Naked Basics but then I thought I wont be using just the matte eyeshadow for a full on eye look so I couldn't justify paying that much money for getting only half of the eye look I want. I only use a cream matte shadow for brow highlight, brown for blending the crease and sometimes black for setting my my eyeliner but other than that I use shimmer eyeshadow for the rest of the look, so you get what I mean when I say I would use it for half of the eye look I am going for. 

This matte eyeshadow quad comes in a grey/silver durable plastic packaging which I think comes very handy and it is travel friendly and doesn't take a whole lot of space. The overall packaging look is very simple and nothing flashy or overly exciting but it does not mean the product quality is bad. heh

Inside, this quad has a small thin mirror in the top and a sponge applicator which I just throw out because I prefer actual eye makeup brushes. haha

The eyeshadows are all matte as the name of it already tells. There is a cream/ white shade. Two brown shades which one has a warm undertone and the other has a cool undertone to it. Finally there is a dark grey eyeshadow as well.

The quality is very creamy and very pigmented. A little bit of this stuff goes a very long way and they blend easily as well. 

The price ranges between $7 - $11 depending on the store you get it from.

Overall, I think this is a very good matte eyeshadow quad to have, so if you are looking for a good matte eyeshadow similar to these shades, you might want to give this a try!

What are your thoughts on this eyeshadow quad? What are your favourite matte palettes?
Love, Dina


  1. This palette looks amazing, I always try to experiment with brighter shades but I usually always stick to neutrals. It's so annoying we can't get Physician's Formula here in the UK. My boyfriend is going to America next week so I'll be adding this palette to my long wishlist I've given him. I've just stumbled across your blog and I'm glad that I did, I really look forward to more posts from your blog. I'm your newest follower and if you have the time, please check out my blog too and perhaps follow me back? You can find me at

    1. Thanks for your comment! This is weird but for some reason, your comment just showed up in my notifications now even though the date on you posts says differently.

      Anyways, I did check out the link you posted, but it doesn't work. do you perhaps have a different link/website I could check out? I'm always happy to have more blogger friends. Have a great day!


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