Saturday, January 11, 2014

It'sJudyTime Eyeshadow Palette : Review & Swatches

 So I am finally doing a review on the It'sJudyTime eyeshadow palette. I was so excited and happy when Judy announced that she had created her own little palette and I could not wait to get my hands on it.

Finally I got it in the mail and opened it immediately and took pictures because I wanted to play with the colours right away. Judy also mentioned in her video that she wanted her palette to be for the everyday girl that uses mostly neutral eyeshadows but she also included some colourful eyeshadow for a pop of colour.
I absolutely love the packaging. It is simple and compact and pretty small which is amazing to fit in a makeup bag or purse and travel friendly.

It has magnetic closure so the lid doesn't just open by it self. It has a good size mirror and the size of the eyeshadows are pretty decent and I don't see my self hit pan any time soon. Also a very nice quote below the mirror!

There are a good mix of different finishes which are shimmer, satin and matte finishes. The texture of these eyeshadows are smooth and feel pretty creamy to the touch and they are also pretty pigmented.

I created several different looks with this palette and I have included 4 of them here to just show you guys different ideas of makeup looks.

I also have put a mark on the eyeshadows that I have used for the certain look.

Look #1: I used the colour that looks a mix between blue and purple with satin finish in my outer corner and blended it in the crease. Then I used the brown matte shade to blend out in my crease. I used the cream matte colour as a brow highlight. In the inner corner I just have a white shimmery eyeshadow that was not included in this. It is just a simple white shimmery eyeshadow that pretty much everyone has for sure.

Look #2: This look must be my go to everyday eye look. I used the bronze shimmery eyeshadow that is in the second row, all over my lid and almost in the outer corner as well. Then I took the other brown satin colour on the top row at the right side in my crease. I used the brown matte in my crease and used the cream matte colour as brow highlight. Very simple and easy to do.

Look #3: I wore this for the new years eve actually. First I took the dark blue and put it all over my lid but left the very inner corner and I put a white shimmery eyeshadow there to open up the eyes. Then I took the reddish brown matte eyeshadow and used it in my crease then the brown matte shade to blend it all in the crease and the cream matte eyeshadow as my brow highlight.

Look #4: For this look I actually followed one of Judy's videos and did it on my self. I doesn't look as good as hers but hey I tried to follow instructions! haha. So for this I put the shimmery purple all over the lid then I used the red/brown matte colour in the crease then the brown matte to blend it all out and the cream matte colour as brow highlight as always. Then I took that dark burgundy/plum/dark purple shade(however you describe it) and used it as sort of eyeliner on my upper lash but very thinly. the colour actually shows up very dark and the shimmer can't really be seen as I have showed in the swatch which is a shame because it looks gorgeous in the pan. 

You can purchase this palette on the BH Cosmetics website. Click Here

For Judy's YouTube channel Click Here

Overall, I am really pleased with this palette and Congratulations to Judy for such a success. This has been in my makeup bag I can see myself going to this palette a lot. Who wouldn't love a great everyday palette? I know I would!! ;)

Have you tried this palette yet? What has been your favourite go to palette lately?
Love, Dina


  1. I was eiffy about this palette but it really looks really nice. I am interested in picking it up now. I liked the look you created.


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