Thursday, January 30, 2014

CoverGirl LipPerfection Jumbo Gloss Balm - Review & Swatches

Today I come at you with a review on one of my recent favourite lip products to use. I have been really enjoying to use these jumbo types of lip products. Several brands have come out with their own way of a jumbo lip tint/ balm and sorts like that. One of my favourites to use lately has been from CoverGirl! 

These do not tint the lips and I actually really like this about them. Sometimes I want to use a lip colour in the morning and then later throughout the day decide to change it and the fact that these do not stain the lips actually lets me to change my lip colour in case I decide to.

I have four of the jumbo gloss balms from CoverGirl and I absolutely love them. These are pretty moisturising on the lips and colour pay off is really good. It twists up so no need to sharpen. The packaging is a black plastic tube that is slim and sleek. The cap is the colour of the lip product which is a big help as it comes in organizing the lip products as well as choosing them. You don't have to open the cap to be able to tell what colour you have picked up. haha 
Natural Light
Names from left to right:
Coral Twist #235, Apricot Twist #240, Mocha Twist #265, Cocoa Twist #270

The slight point these have makes the application a little more easy and precise. The size is pretty decent and it is not really bulky and will not take a lot of space in your make up bag. These have a faint scent to them but I can't point my finger on what exactly these smell like. I think it is just a cosmetic scent. nothing floral or fruity what so ever. The scent doesn't bother me and after applying, it doesn't linger which is good. If you have dry lips these can accentuate them but I think that is the case with every lip product isn't it? well, I always try to keep my lips moisturised so I don't have to deal with it later ;) 
Natural light, With Flash
The names in order from top to bottom:
Coral Twist #235, Apricot Twist #240, Mocha Twist #265, Cocoa Twist #270

Coral Twist : as the name says is a bright coral/ pink colour. I love this for spring specially. No shimmer in this one, just a slight shine to it.

Apricot Twist : again as the name says, it is a apricot/ coral colour but much less bright than the coral twist but still has a lot of colour pay off. No shimmer in this one as well, just a slight shine

Mocha Twist : is a brown/ mocha colour with slight shimmer to it and it has definite shine in the finish. this one is one of my go to lip products because I count this as an everyday neutral lip colour for me.

Cocoa Twist : is a much more brown/ cocoa colour with obvious shimmer to it and shine. This one is my other "everyday" favourite as well as the last one I mentioned.

Natural Light ,
The names in order from top to bottom:
Coral Twist #235, Apricot Twist #240, Mocha Twist #265, Cocoa Twist #270

These range between $6 - $9 depending on the store. 

So overall, I really like these jumbo balms and I would actually repurchase them when I run out of the ones I have. I recommend these to.. well everyone!!

Have you tried these jumbo balms from CoverGirl? What are your thoughts on it?
Love, Dina

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  1. I love this post! I just did a review & swatches blog post on these lipsticks in some great colours for spring!! Would love if you beautiful ladies would give it a look! Would love some colour suggestions as well XO


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