Friday, October 4, 2013

Yves Rocher Waterproof Eye Pencil + Felt-Tip Eyeliner 12Hr - Review & Swatches

I totally love eyeliners. I can't have enough of them and when one of my friends gave me a bunch of the Yves Rocher Eyeliners , I was super duper excited to try them out.

I have had these for a while so I have had the time to use them and understand the good and bad parts of it. Also, it's the perfect opportunity to review it as well.
Eye Pencil : Cuivre, Turquoise, Vert, Bleu, Violet, Noir
Felt-Tip Eyeliner : Noir
- Cuivre : shimmery light brownish/champagne colour. The pencil itself is creamy and very easy to work with. This looks very pretty in the inner corners of the eyes, the lower lash line or I use it on my waterline sometimes and people have actually noticed it which is very nice. 

- Turquoise :  just like the name says, a shimmery turquoise colour. I love this one for the summer time but like always, if I feel like I can rock it during the colder months, then I just go for it. I usually use this colour on my upper lash line, just like you would with a black liner. It looks good on the bottom lash line as well as the waterline. This one is creamy and very easy to apply as well.

- Vert : slightly shimmery dark teal/green colour. This one can be a little dry and harder to work than the other two i mentioned above but it still isn't the driest of pencil liners ever so no worry there. I absolutely love this for the fall time. It is so gorgeous on the eyes.

- Bleu : matte electric blue. This one can be a little dry as well as the "vert" colour. It is so fun though. This looks awesome on the upper lash line and it looks very eye catching on the lower lash line or the water line.

- Violet : matte purple. as same as the other other two other colours a little dry. I also love this for the fall. 

- Noir: matte black. very pigmented and goes on creamy.

All of these pencil eyeliners are waterproof and very pigmented so a huge plus there. 

- Noir : goes on smoothly and also goes on very dark. dries matte which I love. Has a good staying power.

Eye Pencil : 06 Cuivre, 05 Turquoise, 03 Vert, 02 Bleu, 04 Violet, 01 Noir
Felt-Tip Eyeliner : 01 Noir

I actually wanted to do a test for you guys to show how water proof the eye pencils are. So in the picture above, I put my hands under the warm running water and nothing really changed so I tried to remove the swatches with my hand by rubbing on them. and as you can see the eye pencils are still the same but the felt-tip liner has lost it's pigment and it is almost removed. 

So the eye pencils are definitely truly waterproof, which it claims to be so yay. The felt-tip liner does not claim to be waterproof but claims to be 12 hour wear which is true because when I have this on, it does not go anywhere until the end of the night that I remove my makeup with makeup remover, which by the way, both the eye pencil and the felt tip liner removes with makeup remover very easily and I don't need to tug on my eyes to take them off.

The picture below, is when after testing with warm water, I used a makeup remover wipe. I wiped the top just once and that is what was left of the eyeliners. So it is waterproof but gets removed with makeup remover very easily.

The eye pencils are retractable and also have a sharpener at the end which is very convenient.

The felt-tip liner has form of a marker with a spongy but firm tip. I actually really recommend this for the beginners with liquid liners. It is super easy to use and you wont really mess it up.

Here is an example of how I would use the bright eyeliners on my upper lash line. I just do a simple, natural eyeshadow on the lids and go for the eyeliner. I get a lot of compliments on my makeup looks which is really nice and I absolutely keep doing them. haha

So overall, I really love these eyeliners and are actually one of my go to eyeliner pics when it comes to colourful liners.

Have you tried anything from the Yves Rocher line?



  1. I have tried these liners too and I can say your review was very true. You mentioned all the facts, I wouldn't add anything else! Keep up the great job :)

  2. AHH I must try these!!! They look amazing! Following your blog:) hope you check out mine:)

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