Friday, May 3, 2013

NOTD : OPI "A Butterfly Moment"

"Mariah Carey by OPI Collection 2013"
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Peachy pinky-nude with golden shimmer

"A Butterfly moment" is a tan, pinkish nude with soft golden shimmer that can be seen depending on the lighting. I think this is the perfect nude shade that is classy and perfect for everyday. The pink/ tan shade is very delicate and pretty and goes well with anything in your wardrobe in my opinion. This polish has a frost finish to it which can look as a pearly pink with golden shimmer. Depending on the light, a golden glow can be seen and also the sheen in this polish gives it life, if you know what I mean.

Some neutral shades can come off as somewhat flat, but that is not the case with this polish.

I think this polish is the perfect office/work friendly neutral shade.

One thing I would like to add is that I think this polish can tend to look different on different skin tones. So I think you should keep that in mind before trying this polish, because I have seen some people who

Formula, application & finish

This polish went on as if it was a thick polish but the actual formula is more on the watery side.

First coat of this polish on your nails can look a little sheer sometimes and depending on how much there is product on the brush when it is being applied. Second coat of this polish and it fully covers the nails perfectly.

This polish has a nice formula, not way too hard to work with.


When removing this nail polish, I had absolutely no trouble. It comes off very easily and it does not need any hard work to get it off.

  • Low maintenance, goes well with any colour of clothing
  • Appropriate for any occasion, work friendly
  • Makes the nails and fingers look long (this might not work for those who already have long nails/fingers.)

  • It could clash and not look so good with some certain skin tones, basically like foundation, it needs the right skin-tone to look good on the nails.


Looking at all the facts and everything all together, I think this is a great polish. I absolutely love it and I think it  will definitely be in one of my top nail polish picks. The fact that it is a neutral but at the same time looks pretty and not too flat on the nails is great. Also, it looks very clean and fresh on the nails and I think this can be worn any time of the year. It really doesn't have a time limit as the colour goes but you know, it still depends on the person who is wearing it!

What is your favourite neutral nail polish?

Love, Dina

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