Sunday, March 10, 2013

NOTD : OPI "Sprung"

"Mariah Carey by OPI collection 2013"
with flash
natural light
3 coats of "OPI Sprung", 1 Coat of  "Revlon Colourstay longwear top coat"
close-up picture, you  can see the gold, purple-ish, green/yellow shimmers
This is the perfect fall nail-polish in my opinion. It has a duo-chrome metallic shimmer. It is a warm shimmer copper polish which is perfect for fall time. But to be honest, I would wear this any time of the year! It's so pretty and shimmery that I just can't resist it.

At the first glance at this polish, you can see copper mostly, but when you look closely at the bottle, you can see copper, gold, green and sometimes purple shimmer throughout it. Even though this polish looks very shimmery, the finish is very smooth and pretty shiny!

I bought mine on eBay but you can find it at Trade Secrets, and some beauty salon & spas

I've seen the price ranges from 6$ - 9.95$ (Canadian Dollar) per bottle, before tax

Reddish copper with mostly gold shimmer and red-orange reflects

Formula, application & finish
This polish is very thin. the first coat goes on pretty sheer. The second coat was pretty good but I could see some parts that was missed so for me three coats is perfect.

Even though the nail-polish is very shimmery, when applied, it goes on smoothly and dries fairly quick. At first I though this was one of those nail-polishes that when it dries, it would leave a semi-rough surface because it looked glittery to me. Well, I was wrong. There is actually intense shimmer instead of glitter. I noticed that when I was applying the first coat, the polish had a reddish copper base with lots of gold/copper flecks. By the second coat, it looked like the flecks were "hugging" each other in a way and leaving no space. It was pretty unique looking in my opinion!!

As I said, when I finished my third coat, I was perfectly happy with the pigmentation and didn't see any gaps on my nails. The formula was very smooth when it was dry, and pretty shiny. To be honest I wasn't sure if I even needed a top coat. Still I did apply the top coat to see the difference and there wasn't much. the before and after were pretty much the same to me. Both very shiny. I think the top coat will make the polish stay longer though .

Oh also, the three coats that I applied didn't make my nails feel heavy. Some creme polishes that are very pigmented the first coat, if you apply too much of it, your nails feel heavy but with this polish, (I know its not a creme) but it didn't feel heavy at all. My nails actually feel so light that sometimes I forget that I have nail-polish on!!


This polish is not the easiest to remove but definitely not the hardest either. I would say it's somewhere between a creme polish and a chunky glitter polish as how the removal process goes.

At first I thought I would have to scrub my nails to get this polish off. Surprisingly, it was not as hard to remove as I thought in the first place.

For the easiest removal of this polish, I like to soak a cotton ball in my polish remover, and then hold the cotton ball on my nail for few seconds (10-20 seconds) and then try to work the it through to get the nail polish off completely.

  • Smooth
  • Buildable
  • Metallic-shimmery & shiny finish
  • Unique and Luxurious
  • feels light on the nails
  • Doesn't chip in chunks
  • Harder than creme polish to remove but definitely easier than glitter polish


Looking at all of the facts, pros and cons and everything all together, I absolutely LOVE this nail polish. There is nothing stopping me to wear this at all. I would wear it any time of the year and I don't care if it suits the fall season best, I just love this polish so much that I'll be rocking it during the summer time too. There's absolutely nothing I would change about this polish. OPI is one of my favourite brands for nail polish. I love everything about them and it's just great. There's nothing for me to complain about. I just love OPI. The best of the best!! 

Would you wear it?
Love, Dina

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