Friday, March 22, 2013

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow : Review + Swatch

I have finally got my hands on the "not so new" Maybelline Colour Tattoo Metal Collection. There are five colours in this collection I believe but I decided to go for more neutral, wearable ones because first of all these are cream shadows and they tend to dry out as time goes by. Also I don't use cream shadows on my eyes everyday so I controlled my self and just bought two.

Barely Branded , Inked In Pink (with Flash)

As I said before, I don't really use cream eyeshadows every day and when I do, I usually put a powder eyeshadow with the same colour on top of it to prevent any creasing. 

The consistency of these cream shadows are very soft and creamy. It also goes on smoothly.

"Inked In Pink" is a beautiful salmon pink. It is actually really pretty and I actually prefer pink shadows on my lid instead of champagne-ish shadows. Haven't figured out why that is but oh well. ha ha!

This pink cream shadow is by no means anywhere near matte, but it is not glittery either. I would say it is more shimmery, which is my favourite finish out of any shadows I use. I personally think shimmery shadows look better on me than matte shadows. This is very pigmented and it wasn't hard to work with at all.

"Barely branded" is a cream/ champagne-ish colour, which is definitely wearable for everyday. With this one, I actually had to work with it a little to get the right pay-off that I would like. This one was a little harder to work with than the "Inked In Pink" one. This has the same pigmentation as the other one but I find it kind of slides off when I tried to blend it out on hand and eyelid. This one definitely takes more time to work with but it is not that bad that I wouldn't use it at all. I just find I don't reach for it as much as the "Inked In Pink" one in the mornings when I am in a hurry. 

Top: Barely Branded
Bottom: Inked In Pink

Inked in pink is used in the inner lid, Barely branded is used in the very centre of the lid (no powder shadow is used on top of the two cream shadows)

 Top: Barely Branded
Bottom: Inked In Pink
Natural light

I actually had a hard time finding these in stores. Any store I would go to would either be sold out of them or have the colours but it was the dark blue and silver that I didn't want. So I finally decided to order it on-line  When I got them, I was very pleased. These cream shadows are really worth the money in my opinion.

My rating :          Inked in pink 10/10          Barely Branded 8/10

Over all, I am happy with these two cream shadows that I bought. I think Maybelline has a good range of colours in their cream shadow line and these are pretty inexpensive compared to MAC or Benefit, or any other high-end makeup line. Also the pigmentation and lasting is very comparable.

Have you tried any of the Maybelline cream shadows? What are your thoughts on it?
Love, Dina


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