Friday, November 1, 2013

BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Baked Eyeshadow 18 Colour Palette - Review & Swatches

Hello everyone. Happy first of November!

About less than a month ago, I saw a video from xsparkage on YouTube about this palette and when Leesha was talking about it on her video, all I could think about was how amazing it looked and how I could not wait to get my hands on it!!

18 baked eyeshadows with galaxy themed designs and names. All shimmery goodness which is right up my ally. I love shimmery eyeshadows and this could not get any better for me.

The palette comes with a pretty good sized mirror, and it is very light weight so I actually think this is perfect for travelling if you are a coloured eyeshadow user for an everyday basis. haha.. I laughed at this long sentence for a good 5 seconds and I am just going to leave it so you guys can laugh at it too..maybe!!

Baked eyeshadows are very different from the regular eyeshadows. Baked eyeshadows are usually softer and most of the time are shimmery. They can be used wet to intensify the colour which you cannot do with regular eyeshadow.

Sun : warm gold shimmer with pink/red veining

Jupiter : medium pink shimmer

The swatches below, left is Sun which all the colours blended together, it swatched to a warm, orange gold colour. I think between a creamsicle colour and rose gold sort of. In the right side, we have Jupiter which swatches to a medium pink shade with a bit of gold undertone to it. 
Sun, Jupiter

Prometheus : burgundy/ red with icy white veining

Aphrodite : Burgundy/ red wine shimmer

The swatches below, on the left is Prometheus which all the colours blended, it comes off as light pink/lilac with sort of red undertone. As for Aphrodite, the swatch is a deep red wine colour with some pink undertone. This one is not as shimmery as the other ones.
Prometheus, Aphrodite
Milky Way :  pink, lilac/ lavender shimmer with some icy white veining

Cosmic : lilac/ lavender shimmer

The below swatches, Milky Way when all the colours blended, it comes off as a lavender shimmer with icy white undertone. As for Cosmic, this one swatches to a light lilac shimmer.
Saturn : gold with orange/pink veining

Venus : True bright fire orange shimmer

The swatches below, Saturn when all the colours blended, it swatches to a warm light pink gold with some orange undertone. As for Venus, it swatches to a bright orange shimmer. 
Meteor : icy white with light baby blue veining

Comet : light aqua shimmer

Meteor when all the colours blended together, it swatches to a light baby blue shimmer with icy white undertone. As for Comet, it swatches to a beautiful light aqua shimmer.
Earth : icy white with medium blue veining

Neptune : medium-dark blue shimmer

Earth when all the colours blended together, swatches to a sky blue shimmer. As for Neptune, it swatches to a medium-dark blue shimmer.
Mercury : bronze with white veining

Mars : bronze/ copper shimmer with some red undertone

Mercury swatches to a light shimmery brown/ silver sort of colour. Mars swatches to a coppery bronze shimmer with a bit of red undertone.
Asteroid : dark brown/ bronze with blue veining

Uranus : icy baby blue shimmer

Asteroid when all the colours blended together, it swatches to a dark silver/ taupe unique colour with some blue undertone. As for Uranus, it swatches to an icy baby blue intense shimmer. 
Moon : white/ blue with bronze veining

Eclipse : deep silver/ eggplant shimmer.

Moon swatches to a purple/ blue with some taupe undertone. Eclipse swatches to a medium eggplant colour with silver shimmer throughout it.
All the swatches are as pigmented as the actual eyeshadows look in the pan but because of the lighting, it made them look a little softer than what they actually are. Just to keep that in mind. These eyeshadows are very pigmented and it is very easy to get the desired colour pigmentation. There is no need to keep on packing the colour for them to show up or anything.

This palette retails for originally 22.95 on the BH Cosmetics website! but right now it is 35% off which brings the price down to $14.95 which is a really good deal.

Overall, I am absolutely in love with this palette. I love to use different colours of eyeshadows everyday instead of sticking to a neutral shade. That is why I could justify buying this palette and getting the use out of it which I sure am going to.

I think the whole concept of galaxy themed eyeshadows makes this palette a whole lot more fun and very unique. The colours had no fall out on me and lasted all day when used with eyeshadow primer. The shadows go on smooth and blend well and also it is very easy to remove with eye makeup remover. This is actually my first time using a BH Cosmetic product and I am very pleased with it and I do recommend it.

Have you tried this palette? What are your thoughts on it?

Love, Dina


  1. I went searching for a good review and found you! I had already purchased this item since I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Waiting for it to ship is killer. I'm so glad I ran across your site, all of your reviews are wonderful!

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